Sound Alchemy with Paradiso & Rasamayi:

A Channeled Sound Experience Prescribed by Your Soul and Guides

Enjoy the spiritual soundfield which has helped thousands to heal themselves on all levels, embody their soul purpose, connect directly to their Guides and more.

Experience King, the world’s largest quartz crystal didjeridoo; the spectacular gem- and mineral infused Alchemy crystal singing bowls; the crystal-encrusted agave kundalini didj… and more!

Paradiso (didjeridoo) and Rasamayi (chanting and Alchemy singing bowls) are internationally renowned sound healers whose bestselling, critically acclaimed collaborative debut “3rd Eye Rising” has been in the top 5 of the international New Age Radio charts. Paradiso has played at Carnegie Hall and has four other best-selling and award-winning healing CDs.  More info:

 Saturday, Feb. 18th, 2012 in the Sedona Room

7-9 pm; $20 at the door. 

Click on link to see Paradiso & Rasamayi’s music video, “Gratitude”
Filmed by Paradiso, primarily in Sedona!


Following are reports of some of the many healing experiences they have facilitated:
"Precious Rasamayi, namaste ♥ Your beautiful light and that of Paradiso is such a blessing ♥ I am grateful and wholeheartedly embrace the many sacred moments of our healing journey. Both of you have such spiritual beauty and musical genius which reflects love so pure for one another, for your work, for us ... I am humbled. You elevate vibrations to a holy consciousness and take healing to a level unparalleled. I cherished every moment, your music and healing gifts are of this world, yet other wordly. A transcendant connection with the Universe/Divine Oneness."  - Mary
"Long time problems with my back and knees have just been made unmanageable by way of a severe knee injury. Paradiso visited with me with his didjeridoo and what I experienced was truly amazing. With his hands palming over my knee, we both felt intense but not uncomfortable heat and electrical energy exchange. He not only connected with the pain and healing within my knee but also with the great discomfort in my back!  Then I had the pleasure of enjoying the healing didjvibes of his didjeridoo! Hey, what can I say....IT WORKS!!!"  
Very sincerely, Michael
"Rasamayi & Paradiso, I can't thank the both of you enough for the Sound Healing Concert last night. It was so blissful I felt like I was in Nirvana. The healing I received on so many levels was absolutely incredible! Everybody loved it… I overheard someone saying that they were having a past life recollection and an intense energy experience during the healing session, something that she has never experienced before. I still feel blissed out even a day after the event and I know this experience will stay with me for a long time."  -
Divine Bliss, Rose S.
"Thanks so much for the wonderful healing session Rasamayi and Paradiso! I was so relaxed afterwards that I felt like Gumby and the ride home didn't hurt my back at all. Some negative emotions were released and positive ones let in, and once that happened I was able to take a little trip. My acne cleared up, too :) Larry felt relaxed, too. We look forward to next time." -
"Paradiso and Rasamayi... thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gifts of sound healing.  It was a very intense experience, and most definately moved some unwanted things out of my field.  An interesting outcome has happened... on the way home I came up with 4 poems... and another this morning.  It's interesting because I've not ever had that experience before and have always wanted to have that kind of flowing thinking.  I have pulled out a new journal for all of the free flowing thoughts to come. You both bring love and light into this world... thank you again!" - 
Peace and Blessings,  Jessica
"I wanted to thank you for the Sound Healing at For Heaven's Sake. The power of the dijeridoos balanced with the purity of the singing bowls and vocals was incredible. It was power and love. Paradiso it felt like you were a whirling dervish quickly spinning around as you played the didjeridoos. Rasamayi, your voice was the sound of Divine love and peace. From my heart - thank you.  I bless you both daily for the beautiful spirits that you are and the gifts that are sharing." -  
Many Blessing, Mary B.
When I saw you at Gateways, I told you about the ringing in my ear that had been non-stop for several months. I had also been dizzy. The first thing I noticed after listening to Healing Vibes each night, is that the dizziness went away. Then, two weeks later, the ringing in my ears stopped. Amazing, because I had been told that the ringing could remain for the rest of my life. Thank you very much!" - 
Jude Marks

"Paradiso, I heard you play at the East West Bookstore a couple of months ago - YOU were awesome and the experience was a very healing experience for me.  (I've played didge for a couple of years off and on for meditation and to clear my head) and to listen to someone like you - a master - is an incredible experience.  Your creativity and truth that comes through in your playing of didge and the other instruments are real and pure light." - 
Namaste & Many Blessings, Diana

Rasamayi is a Singing Bowl Master Alchemist and a full-body channel for the many manifestations of Divine Mother. 

Paradiso is a master didjeridoo artist with his own CD label and 5 bestselling, award-winning, and international New Age Radio chart-topping healing CDs: “Healing Vibes,” “Shaman’s Trance,” “Middle Path” and “Himalayan Chakra Healing”.  He has been billed alongside metaphysical and musical luminaries including Michael Bernard Beckwith, Neale Donale Walsch, Steven Halpern, Kai Eckhardt, Eddie Gale and many more. 

Their collaborative debut, “3rd Eye Rising” was featured on the Dalai Lama’s and Oprah’s websites,  and will be featured in Dr. Masuro Emoto’s next big project (for more information, please sign up at