Understanding Your Personal Challenges and Cycles
Through Mystical Numerology

Presented by Gnobo “Brice” Calypso

Master Mystical Numerologist Gnobo will hold a class to help people understand challenges in their life path.  Gnobo will discuss how to turn these into opportunities. He will also go over cycles in your path and teach how each person goes through individual cycles.  

Friday, May 17, 2013

 7-9pm in the Art Cabin

Cost:  $20 at the door


This is in accordance with the Universal Law of Rhythm.  Do not be discouraged today, but look to challenges as opportunities. Gnobo brings over 33 years of experience and practice. 

He has also recently had his first book published in Japan.  He now writes for Starpeople Magazine.






"Brice, I want you to know that meeting you has been one of the special moments of my life as you truly did read me and put my awareness into a whole new understanding and perspective for me.  I listen to my tapes on a regular basis and always get something more from it.  Magic continues to happen around me and my third eye is more open than ever."   In spirit, Marlene Dube

"I would like to thank you for seeing me on 12/29/07 in such a short notice. I needed that session very much.  I had so many realizations from your session, and I got more confident and self-esteem back.  Since I came back to Atlanta, I am listening to the tape from our session every day just to remind me how wonderful my new life will be.  I will certainly let you know the name and birthday of my future boy friend, so that you can tell me if he is a master builder manifest!!  Thank you again, and I hope to see you soon in Sedona."  
Maki Miyake

"I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your kindness shown to JoJo and me and our friends...  and also for your compassion in our phone call last Sunday...  I very much respect your professionalism and your insight...  it has affected me in a way I cannot really describe...  I have been doing the mantras and am beginning to journal my "how to's".  you would be proud...  and things you said play over in my mind as a reminder of sorts, of my path.  I feel some connection to you that I am unable to explain, but for which I am very grateful to have felt."   Namaste, Cheryl


Gnobo A. Calypso "Brice":

As a Mystical Numerologist, Gnobo A. Calypso, has over 30 years experience with this metaphysical science.  He calls upon his experience, study and research in his quest to uplift others to their fullest symphony of music and reverse our “singular pursuit for comfort and ease,” (Jin Tatsumura quote) which is the message of 2012: reversal of humanity’s patterns.

Many questions are answered through his readings, charts and sessions, and he will coach and continue working with each individual to remain within the highest will of the highest potential for his clients (changing nuero-pathways and left brain activity).  Important life changes can happen.

The information from the readings and charts include: Life Lesson, Heart/Soul Desire, motivation, Persona, Purpose/Destiny, Challenges, Pinnacles, Personal year, Power Goal, Soul Quality Denial and compatibility charts (of two or more people, also families).

All of the information works with finances, romance, health, career, changes, baby naming, corporations, employee screening, compatibility, survivors of child abuse, new addresses and living on one’s life path, which opens all doors to expansion and progress and brings in abundance and prosperity.

Divine Magic is the principle that exists in the science of Mystical NumerologyDivine Magic is ancient, yet timeless and works with Universal principles and practices to live within the highest will at all times and have balance of all energies.

Gnobo interprets all Master Numbers and highlights the ascension of these patterns with an individual so that high energy can be channeled appropriately, for Master Numbers brings in a high level of nervous tension that can turn into nervous anxiety if the individual is unaware of this high frequency vibrations.