Mind-Electronics To Change Your Life
conducted by Dick Sutphen

What do you want to accomplish, experience, learn, or manifest?  It’s a lot easier than you think when you combine modern technology with ancient wisdom.  Join Dick Sutphen for this Sedona seminar (Seminar #2008-01) taking place April 18-20, 2008 in the Sedona Room.  Visit www.dicksutphen.com.

Dick’s new seminar is "The law of attraction meets the power of enhanced hypnosis programming to create the life you want to live." Using CDs such as the "Zapper," "Mind-Converter," and "Hypnotic OM," you’ll learn how to turbo-charge your mind to manifest your desires. Sessions will include several mind-programming approaches, plus a “Block-Removal Regression” and a “Chakra-Link Programming” session that is more powerful than anything you’ve ever experienced (two-people combine their psychic energy upon a common or agreed-upon goal while linked). Another session will help you discover what you “really” want. There will be demonstrations. Dozens of tips and tricks will be shared.

Albert Einstein claimed to have laid down in the afternoons and go into the "Hypnogogic Level."  It was here that he came up with the inspirations that changed the world.  Mozart was said to have composed his music at this level of mind.  Using Mind-Electronics you can quickly learn to program yourself at this level -- the most powerful mind-programming known to man.

The fee is $279 per person.  There is a non-refundable (but transferable) deposit of $50 per person to save your place in the seminar.  Final registration begins Friday morning, 9-10 AM at the seminar room.  Final payments and paperwork will be completed at this time.  Bring your receipt.  Seminar hours: Friday and Sunday, 10 am to 5 pm with a 90-minute lunch break.  Saturday hours are 10 am to 1 pm.  The afternoon is free for you to spend time in the psychic-energy vortexes.  For more information or to register click Here.  

Dick Sutphen

Dick Sutphen has established distinguished careers in advertising and audio publishing, in addition to writing several bestselling books and conducting seminars for over 150,000 people.

Dick grew up in Nebraska in the 1950s and after high school worked in an advertising agency art department for a year before attending the Art Center School in Los Angeles, California. Starting out as an art director for major advertising agencies, he went on to receive over 150 awards for creating outstanding advertising and design for clients such as Scotch Tape and Betty Crocker. While still working for the agencies, he launched a publishing company on the side and was soon selling books to the professional advertising market internationally. His book, The Mad Old Ads was published in 1966 (McGraw Hill--U.S. and W.H. Allen--England) and received huge reviews, including a full page in Newsweek.

The publishing venture encouraged him to open his own business--a creative studio, which initially serviced ad agencies in Minneapolis, while also creating hundreds of contemporary cards for Hallmark. After moving his studio to Scottsdale, Arizona, Dick continued to work with ad agencies and directly for clients such as Texaco Aviation, the city of Scottsdale and political candidates. He expanded his writing to include a series four-wheel drive articles for Outdoor Arizona magazine and humorous articles for the local newspapers.

Effective advertising is the power of persuasion. In the mid-seventies, Sutphen sought to expand his understanding of this power by studying brain/mind technology and hypnosis. One of the studio offices became the Scottsdale Hypnosis Center--a place to experiment with metaphysics, group hypnosis and past-life regression.

As a result of these explorations, in 1976 he created and marketed the first prerecorded hypnosis tapes through his own company, Valley of the Sun Publishing. Today, the company is a leader in this field, offering over 200 audio and video titles in world-wide release. Valley of the Sun New Age music is often on distributors' top-ten lists.

The Hypnosis Center explorations also led to writing a book: You Were Born Again To Be Together (Simon & Schuster Pocket Books 1976). It has never gone out of print and has sold nearly a million copies. Six additional titles on reincarnation and karma followed from Pocket Books, including Predestined Love, Finding Your Answers Within, Earthly Purpose, and The Oracle Within. Valley of the Sun published 12 more metaphysical titles. A 1991 dark-fantasy collection of short stories published by Spine-Tingling Press was nominated for a Bram Stoker writing award.

Dick is often a featured speaker at conventions such as the American Council of Hypnotherapy. Sutphen Seminars are conducted annually in as many as 35 U.S. cities and England, Ireland and Australia. He has appeared on hundreds of local and national radio and TV shows, including Phil Donahue, Good Morning America, and Tom Snyder, where he conducted the first televised past-life regression. David Susskind built a 90-minute show around Dick's work.


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