Living Life in the Divine Flow
A half-day Workshop with author Steven Lane Taylor

Whether you are aware of it or not, there is a divine flow in your life that is continually guiding you toward the effortless fulfillment of your heart’s desires.  The challenge is learning how to recognize and cooperate with that flow.  In this workshop, Steven will show you how to experience the flow’s miracles more freely and more frequently, so you can live a life of greater happiness, satisfaction, and ease.  Saturday, February 9th, 2008, from 9 am to 1 pm in the Art Cabin. Cost is $35 in advance, $40 at the door.  Seating is limited.  To reserve your seat, please go to, or call 928-284-1223, or email  Additional information about Steven and his work can be found at

Come find out how to stop struggling with life, and how to fulfill your heart’s desires effortlessly!  You will learn:
  •  How You May Be Subconsciously Sabotaging Yourself (And What To Do About That)
  •  The Three Main Ways You Receive Divine Guidance
  •  The Four Ways You May Be Interfering With The Flow
  •  The Power of Acceptance and Non-Resistance
  •  The Miraculous Effect of Loving Kindness

Because seating in the Art Cabin is limited, it is highly recommended that you reserve your seat by paying in advance at  We will save you a seat . . . and you will save $5!

Steven's book
Row, Row, Row Your Boat

About Steven Lane Taylor

Inspired by a brief, but profound mystical experience he had at the age of fourteen, Steven Lane Taylor has had a lifelong interest in spirituality.  His studies eventually culminated in a weekly class that he taught for eight years at a Unity church in Dallas, Texas.  Since June of 2004, Steven has been traveling all across the country sharing the principles in his book, Row, Row, Row Your Boat: A Guide for Living Life in the Divine Flow.  His work has been featured in both Unity Magazine and New Thought Magazine, and he has been invited to speak at several national New Thought conferences.

When asked what makes him an expert on living life in the divine flow, Steven laughs and says, “Because I am so bad at it! As a recovering control-freak, I am forced to confront my manipulative behavior daily.  But as a result, I have become super-sensitive to the pitfalls of manipulation and control, and hyper-aware of the miracles that come from letting go and letting the divine flow take the lead.  My book and workshop are the products of more than 20 years of focused attention on this subject.”


What People are Saying about Steven's Workshop

"I want to thank you for your wonderful work and workshop. I have been applying the principles you teach, and the difference in my life has been like night and day. Things I have been whining about and just hoping would happen, have happened . . . but on a scale I never imagined possible! I finally feel like I am unstuck and in the flow of life again. Thank you, Steven, for blessing my life with your rich experience."
      - Tenna Yoes, Abilene, TX

"As a professional presenter myself, I offer high compliments for the pace, presentation, and content of your wonderful workshop, Steven. You are dedicated, charismatic, powerful, and gentle . . . a winning combination! I am also enjoying your book. I have been reading a portion each morning and applying its gifts to my day. My thanks to you!”
      - Chuck Sprong, Grapevine, TX

"Your workshop has turned my life around, Steven! Your inspiring stories, suggestions, and instructions have helped me to change my attitude and enjoy the journey of life more. You are a skilled speaker with a wonderful message, and your book is a blessing, too--as practical as it is profound. Chapters 7 and 8 alone are worth more than the hundreds of dollars people spend on retreats based on 'The Secret.' My hat is off to you for your inspiring and loving work!"
      - Sandu Crivineanu, Las Vegas, NV

"Dear Steven, a while ago I spent $400 at a long weekend retreat to uncover the source of a subconscious block that has been sabotaging part of my life. I was not successful. I just want you to know that I discovered the heart of my problem in the first 30 minutes of your wonderful workshop. I am so grateful I feel like crying! Thank you so much!"
      - A Grateful Participant, Chandler, AZ

"Your workshop, Steven, was a real 'life preserver in deep water' for me. It's unbelievable the way my life has turned around since hearing and applying your profound and insightful principles. Keep up this miraculous work that you are doing!"
      - Vickie Dulane, Oklahoma City, OK

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful workshop, Steven! It was not only informative, but extremely valuable to both me and my husband . . . and the time went by so quickly! I had several revelations during your presentation. I put you right up there with some of the greatest “gurus” I know!
      - Joyce Brenton, Mesa, AZ


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