Amazing Crop Circles of 2007
with Dr. Chet Snow

Join Sedona resident and award-winning author, researcher and therapist Dr. Chet Snow, for his 11th annual Crop Circle show in Sedona.  See incredible slides & photo anomalies; hear new evidence and the latest theories.  Dr. Snow has been to England every year since 1991 to study crop circles.  Do not miss this Sedona tradition!  Tuesday, October 16, 20077:30 to 9:30 pm in the Great Room.  Admission $15 at the door (no advance reservations).  For further information on this event, call Dr. Snow at 928-204-1962.  For more information about crop circles, visit Dr. Snow's web site at:

Each summer the "circle makers" surprise us with amazing designs of great beauty and possible cosmic significance.  Their origins remain an unsolved mystery but more is known now about how they are made.  Dr. Chet Snow & his wife Kallista have studied this phenomenon with annual trips to England for 16 years.  His slides and stories are unique.

Also: The 2008 Crop Circle Calendar from England will arrive soon.  This is the only calendar to feature the 2007 crop circles with 14 color aerial photos plus color inserts and the moon phases.  Price: $27.34, including AZ sales tax.  Every calendar sold helps crop circle research in England.  Available at Chet Snow's talk or by calling him at 928-204-1962.

Chet’s two-hour program at Sedona Creative Life Center features stunning color slides of the 2007 English, American and international crop circles as well as reporting the latest research.  Since 1978, crop circles have appeared in over 38 countries, including Canada, Australia, Germany, and even Russia.  Over 100 were reported world-wide this year including 53 in England and 7 in the USA.  Dr. Snow and his wife, Kallista, recently returned home from several weeks abroad collecting data on this year’s circles.

Winterbourne Monkton          West  Kennett                 Chute Causeway                 Martinsell Hill       

On November 16-19, Chet and Kallista will also host an international conference "Shh! It’s A Secret: Not on the 6 O’Clock News," at the Tempe Embassy Suites, with Lynne Mc Taggart (author of “The Intention Experiment”), Pleiadian channel and author, Barbara Marciniak, 9/11 conspiracy expert, Jim Marrs, William Henry, Linda Moulton Howe and Sedona shaman, Heather Clewett-Jachowski, among others.  Full details on these Tempe events are at  or call 928-204-1962.


Chet Snow is best known for his book Mass Dreams of the Future, first published by McGraw Hill in 1989, now in its 5th printing.  An international lecturer, tour leader and event planner, Snow has presented his findings linking ancient prophecies with unusual contemporary events like crop circles on three continents and before the United Nations in 1994.  His work has been featured on NBC’s Ancient Prophecies and Fox TV’s Sightings. 

Chet & Kallista Snow in Hawaii, April 2006

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