Chris Spheeris - One Man Concert
two evenings of inspired music

For the first time in almost 2 years, Emmy Award winning, internationally-acclaimed recording artist, Chris Spheeris, will present his one-man (oops!) one “person” show!  Combining music, songs, spoken word and his original unique perspective, Spheeris reveals his insightful vulnerability.  Chris’ warm soft voice delivers wit and humor, promising two entertaining evenings of connection, delight and surprise.  Performances take place on Friday, August 3rd, 2007 & Saturday, August 4th at 8pm.  Tickets $20, available at Crystal Magic, Golden Word Book Centre & Sedona Creative Life Center.  Selling records in the millions, his international acclaim encompasses over 12 original CD’s and more than 60 documentary soundtracks.  For more info visit

A 20 year resident of Sedona, Chris Spheeris helped pioneer the new age movement by being one of the first such artists to be signed to a major record label in the late 80’s.  Highlighting his singer/songwriter abilities, his music is reminiscent of the era of great songwriters such as Paul Simon, Cat Stevens & Joni Mitchell.  Disarmingly candid and lighthearted, Spheeris’ deep philosophical nature accentuates his unusual gift for creating a warm connected atmosphere during his performances.  In addition to his musical works, Spheeris also finds inspiration in authoring what he refers to as “transformational poetry”, and in capturing the moment with his colorful photography.  For examples and more information please visit


"After a year and a half hiatus from performing, I've been called back to the stage again and I'm very excited to be doing so with these musicians.  Not only are they three of the most talented and knowledgeable musicians I know, but they are all three beautiful people.  I'm curious to see and feel what this vortex of warmth will impart on an audience and how we will be graced in return. in terms of the arrangements.  I'm going for a smaller, more exposed sound.  No bombast, more detail.  I will be opening up for myself with a solo set of mostly vocal works, a few instrumental themes and I will share several embarrassing details about my personal life.  Then, I'll bring the boys on to save me from myself and expand all of our ego boundaries into infinity.  Together, we will be performing mostly instrumentals from several of my recordings.  This should be one of those rare opportunities for us all to fall in love with ourselves and each other."  
      - Chris Spheeris

Best known for his multi-cultural, romantic instrumental recordings, Chris Spheeris has sold more than one million records in over 40 countries. He has received gold and platinum honors and has scored more than fifty documentary films. His music has been featured in the Olympics and Winter World Skating Championships, on popular daytime television dramas, most recently in the 2002 Miss Universe Pageant, and has been recorded by numerous well-known pop artists in the US, Greece, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. 

Chris Spheeris

Chris Spheeris has 16 recordings spanning two decades that have sold in excess of one million copies. Spheeris’ art is an uplifting experience in the musical fusion of world harmony and is an eclectic combination of guitar and piano melodic expression.  The Wisconsin native has scored numerous documentary films and is a pioneer in the field of modern romantic music. His music is heard on television and radio all over the world and recognized as some of the most elegant music gracing the airwaves today.

Two Spheeris releases now available!

Adagio:  This evocative and romantic solo piano recording has come about through the collaboration of composer and interpreter. Pianist George Skaroulis interprets and performs the classic melodies of composer Chris Spheeris in a style that is sensitive and deeply moving.

Brio:  Chris Spheeris teams up with guitar wizard Anthony Mazzella to blend the colors of Spain, Greece, Northern Africa, American finger-style and popular jazz into a confluence of passion, color and atmosphere. Beautiful guitar duets supported with bass, percussion, drums and keyboards.


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