Amma Sri Karunamayi
Discourse and Individual Blessings

Sri Karunamayi is the embodiment of compassion and unconditional love, whose words and presence bestow limitless peace and spiritual illumination.  Come and experience the Motherís Serenity, Bliss and Divine Love.  An Incarnation of Sarawati the Goddess of Wisdom, Arts, Education and Enlightenment, Sri Karunamayi uplifts us through spiritual discourses and devotional songs.  Monday April 16, 2007, from 7 to 10 pm in the Great Room.  Admission is free and all are welcome.  For more information call 970-731-9534 or visit

Individual Blessings Program.  Come and receive the Divine Motherís Blessings.  Sri Karunamayi uplifts us through individual blessings.  Tuesday April 17, 2007,  9 am to noon, in the Great Room.  All programs are free except retreats.

"The essence of Amma's message to the world is that we should realize the great opportunity we have as human beings to cultivate inner beauty and ultimately to attain spiritual liberation, so that we can offer our selfless service to the entire universe.  The true purpose of human life lies in the development of such dharmic virtues as compassion, truthfulness, dispassionate wisdom, contentment, and selfless love.

These virtues produce a peaceful state of mind that is extremely conducive to true, deep meditation. It is only in deep meditation that we come into contact with the divine inner Self-the Atman.  Amma describes this true Self in many ways-as eternal bliss, highest truth, purity, peace, wisdom, the light of lights, and so on.  Eventually, through the combination of sincere personal striving and the descent of divine grace, we can merge permanently with the eternal light of supreme Divine Consciousness.  This is the ultimate fulfillment of our human birth, and it is the destiny of all beings."

For the present day human life, confronted with all kinds of miseries and anxieties, the spiritual
recipe offered by Sri Karunamayi is like an oasis to a man in a dust-ridden desert.


In Her soft, melodious voice, Karunamayi gives public talks which deal mostly with meditation and its innumerable benefits.  Her discourses create a magic spell on the audience because she deals with all subtle subjects one after the other with such ease.  Her eloquence on every subject is very clear and doubtless.  She imparts spiritual wisdom to her audience and freely shares the highest knowledge.  Using simple, concrete examples, she shares insights which are crucial to the spiritual progress and illumination of her listeners. Often, she will recount events taken from the daily lives of ancient sages or stories found in the great epics of India, leaving the undeniable impression that she speaks from personal experience. No matter how great the knowledge she shares, however, always she emphasizes the need for personal experience, without which all information is useless - intellectual knowledge is but a picture of a flower compared to the flower itself.

Along with the regular practice of meditation, Karunamayi advises control of the mind and admonishes negative tendencies such as anger, jealousy, greed, etc. She counsels us to rise above the lower emotions, purify the heart and mind of petty, selfish impulses and to always abide in the Supreme State.  Inner peace and selfless love are the qualities she values above all others.  For Divine Mother to come and dwell in our heart, we must have Shanti, and Shanti is the very essence of God.  Human love is ephemeral, selfish and shortsighted in character, she says.  Divine Love is eternal, selfless, and all-encompassing. Karunamayi wants us to feel only Divine Love for our fellow human beings and to selflessly serve all.  "Service to man is service to God," and selfless service is an essential part of one's spiritual path.

Karunamayi founded the Sri Mathru Devi Viswa Shanthi Ashram. Currently, a beautiful temple dedicated to Bharat Mata (Mother India) is nearing completion there.  She also maintains an ashram, Karunamayi Shanthi Dhama, in the city of Bangalore.  More than a thousand people per month are fed at her ashrams. Other institutions that have been founded include an orphanage and a school for handicapped children and those with special needs.  Most recently, a 30 bed hospital for the indigent tribespeople in remote Penusila Kshetram is planned and funds are being raised for its completion.

Volunteers are Needed for both of Ammaís special Programs !

We particularly need:  Flowers for the Stage, Flower Garlands for Amma, 2 Vegetarian Meals for Ammaís Crew (8 people), Ushers for Both Programs, Special Ushers for April 17 Blessing Day Program.  Your help is appreciated and we want to make Karunamayiís 2007 Sedona Programs a success. She blesses so many people in the Sedona community! CONTACT: Kate at 970-731-9534 or

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