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Winds of Honor
Flute Concert with Gary Stroutsos and Paul Thompson

Join International Recording World Flute Artist, Educator, Composer Gary Stroutsos and Special Guest Navajo Cultural Bearer, traditional American Indian flute maker Paul Thompson for an evening of Songs and Stories from the enduring legacy of the American Indian flute and various world flute music.  Saturday, January 20th from 7-9 pm in the Sedona Room.  Tickets $12 in advance, $15 at the door, available at The Golden Word bookstore and SCLC.  Gary and Paul will make their flute collection available for viewing after the performance, with recordings and Paul's traditional flutes for sale.  For more information on Gary Stroutsos, visit 

"We are both excited to return to Sedona Creative Life Center where we had a sold out evening two years ago to share our work with the community.  We both have a passion and a commitment for the traditional music of the American Indian and the stories behind the songs passed down through the many generations of time.  We will feature these songs and stories from our on location recording inside "Echoes of Canyon de Chelly".

The evening will also include new music for the Xiao and Dize Chinese Bamboo flutes seldom heard outside the walls of China.  Gary recorded with these instruments in Sedona with William Eaton for his ground breaking release "Quiet Fire" White Swan Records and with Pianist David Lanz on "Spirit Romance" Narada Records.

"It is an honor for me," states Gary "to have one of the first American Indian flute makers and culture bearer Navajo artist Paul Thompson from New Mexico join me again for this performance.  His dedication to tradition and his sharing with me over the years has given me so much joy".  "Winds of Honor" brings to life lost melodies from around the world and gives the audience a chance to share stories from where the songs originated and creates an evening of spirit of place among us all".

CD "Echoes of Canyon De Chelly"

Echoes of Canyon De Chelly
Gary's CD - with special guest Paul Thompson

This CD finds Gary Stroutsos and Navajo flute maker/historian Paul Thompson journeying into Navajo country, to the ancient ruins in and around Canyon de chelly to record original and traditional Native American flute music in a natural setting.  No processing or artificial ambience is used in this recording.  All your hear is the pure sound of the flute resonating within the natural environment.  Every now and then, a raven passes by... with it's distinctive call being captured by the microphones.  Other birds make their presence known as well.  Occasionally some soft shaker or rattle-like timbres are presnt in the background... but whether these are an intentional part of the music, or another aural artifact - like the bird calls - of the natural setting, who can say?

"We couldn't imagine the White House evening without you and your remarkable music."
- Ken Burns, Documentary Filmmaker, Lewis & Clark


Gary Stroutsos

International recording artist Gary Stroutsos is a composer, educator, producer, and performer of world flute music drawn from or inspired by traditional cultures and their reverence for the earth. Performing on Native American and Chinese flutes, his repertoire is deeply respectful of ethnic cultures and the spirit of place found around the globe. Influenced by jazz, Afro-Cuban and Native American styles, his performances of original compositions and traditional music weave delicate melodies into a global landscape with improvisation, world percussion and the sounds of nature.

His work was showcased in the Ken Burns PBS documentary Lewis and Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery, which led to a command performance at the White House for President Bill Clinton in 1997.  He is a regular guest on National Public Radio (NPR) including syndicated programs such as Echoes.

He has recorded more than 13 CDs for the Makoché, Narada, Red Feather and Paras labels, and he performs extensively throughout the United States and Canada.  His CDs Distant Shores, Winds of Honor, and The Native Heart have received national acclaim as benchmark recordings of Native American flute music.  His CDs with synthesist John Serrie, Hidden World and Pacific Moon, were Critic's Choices in Billboard CD reviews.

His most recent works -- which include Pacific Moon, a meditational soundscape of original works produced by David Lanz; Oru: The Natural Order, an exploration of mystical Nigerian religious chants; and Echoes of Canyon de Chelly, Native Amrican melodies recorded live in Canyon de Chelly and featuring Navajo flutemaker Paul Thompson - reflect Stroutsos' unique artistic voice and music that honors the divine in nature.

Gary's unique compositions, interpretations and performance style are the result of diverse musical influences and training.  Originally a jazz musician, he studied with flutist/composer James Newton, and Afro-Cuban and classical flutist Danilo Lozano.  He studied Native American music with friend and teacher, Paul Thompson, a Navajo flute maker and historian.  Gary's collaborations have included work with David Lanz, Glen Velez, John Serrie, Paul Thompson, Nellie Youpee, Keith Bear, Mary Louise Defender Wilson, Goodhouse family, Joseph Firecrow, Jovino Santos Neto, Susan Osborn, Annie Humphrey, Michito Sanchez, Kevin Ricard, Lazaro Galarraga, Elizabeth Falconer, Nonda Trimis, and Larry Mahlis.

Although he embraces the full spectrum of world flute music, Gary has made a distinctive contribution through his commitment to the preservation of Native American music and culture.  From his first recording, Distant Shores, in 1994 to his 2002 release Echoes of Canyon de Chelly, more than half of all his recorded work honors the musical traditions of the Mandan/Hidatsa, Zuni, Navajo, Sioux and Taos tribes among others.  With Paul Thompson, he presents Winds of Honor, a lecture/presentation on making and playing Native American flutes.  He also makes presentations on native flute music and the Lewis & Clark Expedition.


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