My Brooklyn Hamlet
a One-Woman Show by Brenda Adelman

Family. Murder. Forgiveness.  Brenda Adelman’s powerful one-woman play written and performed by her and applauded across the country.  Her true tale of triumph over tragedy.  Special Saturday evening feature presented as part of Secrets of Activating Personal Power.  Saturday January 13, 2007, 8 to 9:30 pm in the Great Room.  Tickets for My Brooklyn Hamlet are free as part of Secrets of Activating Personal Power, or $15 in advance/$18 at the door if purchased separately.  For more information please contact Brenda on her website at

My Brooklyn Hamlet, My True Story, A One-Woman Show

Newsday October 3, 1995: MILL BASIN WOMAN SHOT DEAD IN HOME. A 57-year-old woman was shot to death in her home in an affluent Brooklyn neighborhood, police said yesterday. The victim, Barbara Adelman, had been shot once in the head and was found face up in her bedroom Sunday afternoon. No weapon was found.- Copyright@ Newsday, Inc. produced by Newsday Electronic Publishing.

Ten years ago Brenda Adelman's family fell apart when her father murdered her mother in their Brooklyn home. Her father plea-bargained and served two years in prison before being let out for good behavior. In an odd twist of Shakespearean proportions, her father soon married her mother's sister. This has become Brenda's Brooklyn Hamlet.

From her eccentric childhood with a wild, bohemian artist mother and a Jewish 'Guido' dad, to her oblivious adolescence, to the shooting death of her mother, Brenda takes the audience on a journey filled with lots of love, simmering anger, grief and ultimately to forgiveness. Her determination to heal inspired this play that miraculously transforms this real life tragedy into a unique life-affirming comedy/drama.

Brenda Adelman studied acting at The London Academy of Music and Art, The Riverside Shakespeare Company in New York and at The Beverly Hills Playhouse in Los Angeles. She has been a member of The Village Theatre Company in New York and The TomCats Theatre Company in Los Angeles. This February she performed in THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES to sold out audiences at The Orpheum Theatre in Flagstaff, AZ. This March she performed My Brooklyn Hamlet for a successful thirteen-performance run at The Canyon Moon Theatre in Sedona and she just finished playing the role of Lenny in CRIMES OF THE HEART.


What audience members had to say after seeing MY BROOKLYN HAMLET:

I loved your show - really terrific. The staggering power of your story and the sparkle of your talent shines - fabulous job!   - Heidi Wall

Amazing show! You were so engaging.well done.   - Don Henry

Emotionally powerful.   - Sandra Merrill

Liberating, Courageous. Thank you.  - Maureen Ambs


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