Simone Awhina
"Empowerment Concert"

Simone Awhina
is an international concert/recording artist and sound healer from the Netherlands.  She brings innovation into the world of pop music with contemporary songs that are filled with inspiration, encouragement and joy.  Full-bodied and powerful, her voice proclaims a presence at once calming yet uplifting.  Her special musical gift comes through with a wondrous generosity that touches deeply into the hearts.  With a combined style reminiscent of Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand and Enya, Simone’s vocals range from soothing ballads to more upbeat modern pop songs.  Saturday, August 26, 2006, 7-9 pm in the Great Room.  Tickets: $15, available at Crystal Magic and Golden Word Bookstore.  For more information call 928-634-1616 or visit, email

She is a gold medal winner at the 2001 World Championships of Performing Arts, Hollywood and a nominee for these 2006 Championships. Simone has performed concerts and sound healing workshops worldwide, has been featured on TV and radio shows in the Netherlands and the United States, and has performed with noted musicians who have worked with top artists such as Frank Sinatra, Les Pauls, Tony Bennett & Harry Connick Jr.  She is currently studying with Mr. Riley (vocal coach Celine Dion, Faith Hill).

"I have listened to hundreds of singers from around the world and I have never heard a performer reach out and touch the audience as she did."
    - Wayne Sanders, Music Director, Judy Garland, Liza Minelli


“As a Vocalist, an Inspirational Speaker and a Sound Healer, Simone Awhina has not only a very special musical gift, but a sociological and spiritual mandate to help others that is unlike any I have seen in recent years,” says William Riley, voice trainer of Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and many other top artists.  “Her singing voice has a memorable loveliness and an unassuming sense of humility about it, and her artistic personality has a charm and a winsome wit that entertain those in need of respite from humdrum lives as readily as those in need of healing.”

One enters a world of reflection and transformational healing as Simone begins to sing. You rediscover the incredible part of you that is connected to the universe, to All that is, to Oneness. Transformation spreads wonderfully into every cell of your body. You become joy, happiness and hope. Your heart accepts the unconditional love that is pouring in and out of you. You are in a blissful state of well-being, “Dancing in the Moonlight,” expressing the beautiful and exceptional being that you are. Simone’s voice creates miracles. You are at peace! You become the love and the light!

Journey Through My Soul

Listen to some songs on the album.

Journey through my Soul
Don't go away
Dancing in the moonlight
The boy next door
Believe in yourself
Stay the way you are



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