Expanding Human Consciousness around Homosexuality
with Dr. Judith Long

Lecture March 5, 2005

Expanding Human Consciousness around Homosexuality.  Dr. Judith Long has written a book entitled Essence, Insights into the Energy of Homosexuality and will be discussing her innovative research and findings with us.  Join us for this powerful lecture and discussion on the Energy of Homosexuality.  Saturday, March 5, 2005, at 7 pm.  Admission $10.  For more information about Dr. Judith Long visit www.drjudithlong.com Don't miss this opportunity to connect with Dr. Long and to open your mind to new possibilities beyond our present paradigm.  This is Dr. Judith's first book in a series designed to explore the phenomenon of homosexuality from a metaphysical standpoint.

Among the topics to be discussed in the Lecture are:

  • Investigating what homosexuality is about from a metaphysical and Sacred Geometry standpoint.
  • Discovering where homosexuality originates and how it unknowingly affects everyone; straight, lesbian or gay.
  • Exploring the magnetic effects of suppression and how they impact our body, mind, and Spirit.
  • Exploring new territory on the dynamics of relationships between homosexuals and heterosexuals and how this can trigger or enable undesired behaviors.
  • Discussing accounts of how some people have come to terms with their homosexuality while others may consider reversing it.
  • Finding out how our planetary evolution is being affected by this growing global issue.


Inner Child Workshop March 6, 2005

Recapture the energy that is you and live in titillating joy and wonderment.  The child within you is the part of you that most resembles your Creator.  In this workshop, Dr. Judith Long will guide us into unifying with that part.  We will be dissolving protective blockages that create a fearful reality and gently bringing the child home to the present.  This powerful workshop is life changing and includes interactive dialogue, exercises and meditation.  Dr. Long is considered an expert in the field of Inner Child Bonding.  You will exit this workshop with new self-love, self-worth and self acceptance.  The Workshop is Sunday March 6, 2005, from 10 am to 4 pm.  Cost $80.  Feel free to ring Judith at 520-245-8793 for more information or email her at Aureiah@msn.com.  Please ring to reserve your place.  A $25, non refundable deposit is required to hold your place.  For more information about Dr. Judith Long visit www.drjudithlong.com

Dr. Long specializes in the work of healing the Inner Child and repairing our energy field and pathways.  Judith is considered an expert in the area of Expanding Human Consciousness. 

Essence by Dr. Judith Long

Dr. Judith Long

Dr. Judith Long holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, Masters Level in Psychology and a Doctorate in Metaphysics.  This combination makes for a teacher/counselor that is filled with knowledge, intuitiveness and empathy.  Dr. Long has worked extensively with gay and lesbian people in her private practice both in the U.S. and Australia and has assisted in bringing about powerful and lasting change in individual's lives who desire to live freely with self worth, dignity and understanding.

Born and raised in the U.S., Judith was educated at Manor Junior College in Pennsylvania, the University of Nevada in Las Vegas and the University of Metaphysical Science in Southern California. Judith has dedicated the past 16 years of her life to her own personal and Spiritual development and to sharing this growth by assisting those, who so desire, in becoming All that they truly are, by enhancing the health of their body, mind, and Spirit.

Judith specializes in assisting people in understanding the emotional, psychological and physical reasons why disease is prevailing in their life. She assists them in releasing unwanted patterns that are creating the disease and gently guides the individual in experiencing the full Truth of their Being which is Love.

She incorporates a variety of healing modalities in the process. Some of them include counseling,inner child bonding, accupressure, herbal recommendation, the use of flower essences, colourpuncture , chakra activation, diet and crystal healing.

Judith now resides on beautiful Coochiemudlo Island, Queensland, Australia where she has a private practice. She frequently visits the United States where she travels extensively teaching Meditation and various healing modalities and lecturing on various topics relating to the Health of Body, mind and Spirit.

It is Judith's desire to create a House of Peace on the island where she lives where anyone who so desires can visit. It will be a healing place as the Island is a paradise. It will include all that is needed to enhance the Health of the individual.

Aureiah Productions founded by Judith has created relaxation and meditation CDs, a Chakra Balancing CD using pure Australian essential oils, an eighth Chakra activation kit and various other healing tools.

All proceeds from the sale of these products go to the formation of the House Of Peace. Judith truly believes that following the Path of Spirit means incorporating the principles of Surrender, Trust and Gratitude. She encourages you to follow them, too.


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