Awakening for the Ordinary Man

FREE talk:  You are invited to come and experience a very special evening with Tilak.  He will present a pathway to break through your limitations and boundaries which prevent you from living a life in excellence and freedom.  In an interactive exploration Tilak will reveal, open and awaken your innate essence of innocence and brilliance, to be experienced in your body as an organic truth.  Come and experience the opening to your freedom and say "Yes" to Life.  Friday, September 10, 2004, from 7 - 8:30 pm in the Great Room.  Private Sessions with Tilak are available September 10-13.  For info or to schedule a session call 928-301-7718.

Born and raised in Sri Lanka, a country located off the coast of Southern India, Tilak as a young boy, displayed unique abilities and sensitivity, allowing him to touch the life force in all things in his environment.  Today, he activates this energy transmission to expose people to a space of heightened energy, erasing any darkness and pain, and initiating a cool light and breeze to enter the mind, body and spirit.  Most people experience this space as a burst of joy and lightness.  This enables them to experience a new beginning in their lives without going back into their stories and self-sabotage.

Join Tilak for a LIVE TALK and PRESENTATION on:
Awakening for the Ordinary Man.


For further information please contact
Sedona Creative Life Center

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