Dannion Brinkley

     Michael Tamura

Healing Your Inner Self
& Transforming the World

with Dannion Brinkley and Michael Tamura

Join Dannion Brinkley, author of the best-selling books Saved By The Light and At Peace in the Light; and Michael Tamura, author of award-winning You Are the Answer for this incredible life-changing two-part program.  July 18, 2004, 1 to 6 pm. Tickets: $45, available at Golden Word and Crystal Magic Bookstores or by calling Karen Koebnick at 928-282-2450 or 1-866-304-8700 (email  kkoebnick@aol.com).  For more information about Dannion or Michael, visit Dannion's web site at  www.dannion.com  or Michael's at  www.michaeltamura.com

Dannion Brinkley is the international best-selling author of Saved By The Light and At Peace In The Light.  Dannion is well known for his extraordinary life story.  His ability to survive against seemingly impossible odds includes enduring two lightning strikes, open-heart surgery, brain surgery and a massive grand mal seizure.  After three NDEs (near death experiences), many concur that Brinkley is a 'walking miracle'.  His books, lecture tours and workshops have literally transformed the consciousness of audiences the world over.  As a result of his journeys to the 'other side' and back again, Dannion brings to the forefront the wondrous truth that there is indeed no such thing as death.  In reaching out to the public all around the globe, Dannion imparts a paramount message designed to empower his listeners, teaching them step by step how to find purpose, power and greatness in their lives.

Michael J Tamura is an extraordinary spiritual teacher, healer and clairvoyant.  He has helped transform the lives of thousands of men, women and children through his spiritual work over the past thirty years.  His expertise is awakening souls destined to be healers and teachers and helping them onto their path.  He has been equally invaluable to pioneering spiritual teachers and healers blazing new trails in the world.  Often, such leaders seek Michael's wisdom, insights and healing for the unique challenges they face on their perilous path.  For this, he has been called a true "healers' healer."

Michael's warm and friendly laughter that resonates through the halls wherever he visits reflects the compassionate and fun-filled nature of his spirituality.  Wit and wisdom grace his lectures, workshops, seminars and private sessions that he offers throughout the United States.  He has appeared on the Leeza Show, CNN and has been featured on numerous radio and cable programs.  He is currently completing his first book on spiritual healing, creating miracles and fulfilling your soul purpose.


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