with Kyriacos Markides

For those who believe mystical spirituality is found only in the East and are hungering for the mystical element in Christianity, this workshop will come as a marvelous revelation.  Don't miss this rare public opportunity to study a genuine Western esoteric tradition.

Lecture/Discussion:  Saturday November 2, 2002, 7:30 to 9 pm.  Cost $20 for lecture only.  Workshop: Sunday November 3, 2002, 10 am to 5 pm.  Cost $95 for workshop only ($110 for registration after Oct.1).   Weekend Package: $110 for both Saturday lecture and Sunday Workshop ($125 for registration after Oct. 1).  For lecture and workshop information call Wellsprings at 928-203-1113.

In this lecture and workshop you will share with Kyriacos Markides his profound studies and persona journey revealing the existence of an identifiable, experiential mystic tradition within Christianity - a tradition practiced in ancient monasteries and convents for hundreds of years, yet little known to Western seekers.  As you explore this experiential mystic tradition with Kyriacos, you will move into a deeper understanding and appreciation of:

  • Ways to know God according to the teachings of the great Christian saints.
  • "Illnesses of the heart" that prevent us from truly knowing God.
  • Spiritual laws that govern human existence.
  • Differences between human and divine justice.
  • Destiny of the human soul, and the different stages through which one must go before attaining God-realization.

As Kyriacos skillfully leads this expedition into the depths of ancient Christian mysticism, you will examine how destructive passions and addictions emerge and how they can block your full realization of Self as a Divine being, as well as ways to heal yourself of these influences.  You will delve into the power of thought, and work with methods for mastering and protecting yourself from negative and destructive thoughtforms.

Kyriacos' mystical experiences and esoteric view of Christianity are supported by research from the very frontiers of science.  During these events, he will share that research.  Kyriacos also appreciates the importance of the experiential aspect of self-exploration, and knows that it is the personal experience of a teaching that allows one to internalize it and "know" it in their bodies as well as their minds.  Therefore, through special meditations, visualization exercises and ancient prayer forms of Eastern Christianity, you will find your own truths and expanded experiences of Christian teachings.

Allow yourself to experience this ancient view of Western Christianity.
Open to a deeper wisdom.


Kyriacos Markides

Kyriacos C. Markides, Ph.D. is a Professor of Sociology at the University of Maine and the author of the trilogy The Magus of Strovolos, Homage to the Sun and Fire in the Heart, in which he chronicles his exploration into the rich and intricate world of two mystical Christian teachers and healers on his native island of Cyprus. He is also the author of Riding with the Lion, and a recently published book on Eastern Christianity The Mountain of Silence: A Search for Orthodox Spirituality. In his latter work he continues his exploration of mystical Christianity through his association with a charismatic mystic and elder, "Father Maximos," a monk from Mount Athos. Professor Markides' books have been published in eight languages. During the last fifteen years he has offered workshops throughout the US, Canada and overseas at such holistic centers as The New York Open Center, Omega, Oasis and Interface.


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