with Author, Lecturer, Angel Communicator, & Modern Mystic 

Ann Albers & her Heavenly Helpers

October 12, 2019  • 10am - 4pm • Doors open at 9:30am


Learn to create a life beyond your wildest dreams!



Ann Albers has guided thousands of individuals to manifest their dreams, quickly, easily, and playfully!  

Most of us have heard of manifesting. Many of you have studied it. You probably already know how to set intentions, visualize, etc. Sometimes it works. But not always… 

Ann & her angels will guide you on a step-by-step journey to help you create anything you want in life, and then they’ll take you into a reality where you don’t even have to figure out what will make you happy – a reality in which dreams beyond your wildest dreams start to manifest!  

You’ll learn how to aim your thoughts, harness  your energy, bust through your blockages, and best of all, work with your angels and the universe to create absolute magic!  

Previous students have paid off debt, discovered new careers, attracted miraculous assistance, made peace with the past, improved their health, supercharged their creativity… and so much more!

Best of all, it takes very little time each day to do the inner work!






Beyond manifesting your dreams, there’s a life that the Creator dreams for you! 

There's nothing wrong about creating what you want, but can you imagine a life as grand as the one the Creator of Universes imagines for you!?

Can you imagine a life where all your dreams are orchestrated – not piece by piece, but rather in a brilliant kaleidoscope of experiences that all fit together perfectly? 

What if you didn't have to worry about when your relationship, your new home, the money or the rest would come, but instead you could enjoy your life now. What if you didn't have to wrack your brains, analyze your bank account, research every possible solution, and figure everything out? 

What if you could just get your energy right, enjoy your day, and wait for your dreams to be delivered, acting only when guided, inspired, or when it is a labor of love? 

You can live this way! I do!

This is what I call “Manifesting in the Flow of Divine Grace," and it is my passionate joy to share this angelic paradigm shift about how to create your best possible life!

Stop struggling • Start Creating • Surrender to a life beyond your wildest dreams…




Ann is thrilled to be accompanied by highly acclaimed musician Robin Miller whose music is truly from the heavens. Dannion Brinkley, near death survivor an author of "Saved by the Light" once said, "Robin's music is the closest to what I heard in my near death experience."  Robin's music facilitates the angelic connection by opening the heart and soul to the other realms.

For those of you who have been to Ann's seminars in the past, you know heaven and earth collide, head and heart are bridged, and the class might be changed at any time based on angelic input!  Each playshop is a true dance with heaven, created dynamically, and somehow inexplicably tailored for those who attend.  Ann often works one on one with attendees to help everyone integrate the concepts. There are many exercises to help you practice and move past blockages, and the humor that comes through will have you laughing yourself silly at times.

Fun, inspiring, educational, and definitely an upper, these playshops are heart-opening, mind-expanding, and just good plain fun!  Come Dance with the Angels and you may just want to keep it up for the rest of your life!  Your heavenly helpers are waiting!

Saturday Oct 12, 2019  • 10am - 4pm.  $75
(There will be a break for lunch on your own)

For information & Registration visit
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Ann Albers 

4022 E. Greenway Rd., Suite 11 #206

Phoenix AZ 85032


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Participants in previous seminars said:

You make manifesting so much more fun to me. “

This class is so incredibly illuminating, and makes it all so much fun! Who knew it could be FUN?

Yours is the best CD on manifesting I have heard.

Thank You” for your wonderful Playshop Saturday! 

Thank You for what an inspiration you are and what a wonderful job that you did yesterday with the Seminar.

I asked my angels for the down payment on a car and gave the deadline I needed to meet. Lo and behold, they sent me a client who paid for 2 payments, within a 3 week period, and I had my desperately needed car. Hooray!


I have had such a huge breakthrough in ‘being’ with my fear!!!!!! It’s been so amazing Ann!!!!!

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