You’re invited to experience three days of total transformation with Kaia Ra LIVE in Sedona! Together we'll step inside the stargate of Sophia Christ consciousness where personal and collective accelerated quantum leaps unfold simultaneously! In this radical 3-day gathering, we’ll be downloading leadership embodiment practices that will deeply integrate your co-creative mentor relationships with the Ascended Masters and take your divine purpose to the next level. This year's gathering will feature activations from Isis, Hathor, Mary Magdalene, Joan of Arc, and White Buffalo Woman. 


Whether you are already leading at the front lines of humanity's spiritual awakening or you're preparing your heart to finally be seen leading from your Higher Self embodiment, this multidimensional gathering is designed for you to directly download exactly what you need right now from your Ascended Master mentors for embodying those important next steps of your divine purpose.


As Kaia Ra opens the portal between our world and theirs, you will be guided in important interactive practices, spiritual interventions, and creative activations from the Ascended Masters that will empower your leadership embodiment as an important voice in our shared Divine Feminine Christ movement.


In this life-changing leadership training with Kaia Ra, you'll also be receiving lightning wisdom insights and relevant professional guidance from her 20-years of service to support your highest success and greatest professional offering in our daily mentor Q&A sessions.


We'll be gathering in the heart of Sedona’s many sacred vortices at the beautiful Sedona Creative Life Center from October 16-18, 2019.


You're invited to make that next quantum leap in your professional offering and divine purpose with The Sophia Code community by your side. Our amazing community of loving Initiates have experienced the accelerated evolution that occurs when we gather together in support of one another’s divine purpose.


Witness how your angel wings unfurl and strengthen as you step up to the mic of life, receive life changing guidance, and believe in yourself to lead The Way with a community of leaders by your side in Sedona!



October 16 – 18, 2019

Location:   Sedona Creati`ve Life Center, 333  Schnebly Hill Rd., Sedona, AZ. 86336

Time:  10 AM – 5 PM Daily

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Empowerment Payment Plans Available Until August 8, 2019

Email Ashley at to set up your plan today!




Leading Through the Angelic Ray of Your Higher Self Embodiment


 Day 1:  Isis and Hathor


“Spelling It Out:  Speaking and Embodying Your Truth for Activating Quantum Evolution in Your Clients and Community”


Day 2:  Mary Magdalene and Joan of Arc


“The Divine Feminine Path for Courageously Embodying Sophia Christ Teachings Beyond Right or Wrong”


 Day 3:  White Buffalo Woman & the Order of Sky Grandmothers


“Leading Through the Prayer that Is Praying You: Embodying the Lightning Medicine of Sophia’s Truth”


We believe in the beauty of our shared human divinity. All souls are welcome who come with respect for our ceremonial container, including: Women, Men, and Non-Binary Lightworkers




KAIA RA is the world renowned Oracle for an Ascended Master High Council called The Sophia Dragon Tribe and the international bestselling author of The Sophia Code®. She is a Divine Feminine teacher, speaker, ceremonialist, and ordained minister teaching The Sophia Code curriculum worldwide. Surviving multiple near death experiences early in life, the living transmission that Kaia Ra embodies is of shamanic proportions. 


Downloading important ascension blueprints for humanity from the higher realms, KAIA RA leads an international movement and modern day mystery school for mentoring initiates in the codex. She teaches thousands how to embody their Higher Self, work with Divine Feminine Christ consciousness, and create lasting mentor relationships with the Ascended Masters. 


She is also a celebrated designer for the Divine Feminine movement and recently created a stunning 25-piece hand carved jewelry line of downloaded angelic ascension technology called “The Embody Your Sovereignty Collection”. 


In 2018. she founded The Sophia Code Foundation for ascension education to be available for Lightworkers worldwide, including a free monthly prayer circle and meditation resource called The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective. 


Serving as a Divine Feminine leader for close to 20 years, her live ceremonial events, speaking engagements, media appearances, and online broadcasts are hailed as the next-generation of revolutionary spiritual leadership. Kaia Ra is a highly respected, leading-edge voice pioneering a worldwide movement for the sovereign divinity of humanity and the return of Divine Feminine Christ consciousness.



“The Sedona Leadership Conference was a pivotal point in my ascension journey. The high vibrational resonance of this conference awakened parts of my spirit that could not be put back to sleep! It was an incredible honor and privilege to attend.” — Chelsie


“I feel so grateful that I gave myself the gift of attending the Sedona Conference. It offered me so many amazing confirmations and it was very activating to be in the presence of Kaia Ra. The ceremonial chanting of OM was pure ecstasy for me. I felt as if I were levitating.” — Leslie


“The Sedona Conference was in perfect harmony with my soul. Sedona offered me the opportunity to "come out" with safety. Kaia Ra and the Team Angels created the perfect teachings, exercises, and environment for me to see myself anew. I left with the clarity of my mission, as well as, being more centered within myself. I also met incredible community. Everything that Kaia Ra led us through cleared my self-doubt and charged my body, mind, and spirit with a grounding directive.” — Sandy


“The Sedona conference was a GAME CHANGER for me. The multidimensional portals that Kaia Ra created were lightning medicine for my soul! I’ve been on a beautiful journey of clearing, upleveling, and communion with myself ever since.

Thank you Kaia Ra!” — Erika