Weddings at Sedona Creative Life Center

Once inside, you feel at one with nature, surrounded by the majestic red rocks.    Photo by Benjemax Studio
The Peace Garden - is also available for intimate outdoor weddings
North-west view from the observation deck.
Rooms and Open Spaces available for Receptions
The open air patio provides a covered outdoor area for small receptions, or for gathering before the wedding.  Alcohol may not be served at weddings or receptions.
The Universal Room is available for serving meals from the adjacent kitchen.
A variety of local catering companies are available for providing meals from our full commercial kitchen.
The Great Room is available for larger weddings.
South view from the observation deck above the Chapel.
The Observation Deck.  From the observation deck above the Chapel you can see the calm and serene setting of red rocks and and trees surrounding Sedona Creative Life Center.    Photo by Benjemax Studio
Stepping through stained glass doors, you find yourself enfolded in the intimacy and sacredness of the space.    -Photo by Benjemax Studio

Additional Facilities for Weddings and Receptions

The Chapel.  Sedona Creative Life Center and the Chapel are non-denominational, and built upon a foundation of honoring people of all beliefs.

The Chapel is the perfect setting for couples to express their love for each other, whether it be a wedding, commitment ceremony or renewal of vows. 

Links to Sedona's Wedding Professionals

Ministers/Wedding Planners



  • Ani Williams - Harpist, available alone or as duo or Trio with violin & guitar.  Phone 928-204-1124
  • Vyktoria Pratt Keating.  Luminous vocals and artful guitar. Celtic, folk & contemporary. 928-204-0537
  • Oman Ken, wedding musician,, 928-204-2725

  • Eric Williams - Piano, Guitar, Saxophone, Vocals.  Phone 928-282-2422
  • Geraldine Gains - Cello.  Phone 928-203-0032
  • Eric Miller - Flamenco Guitar, Vocals.  Phone 928-204-0734
  • Jesse Kalu - Exotic and Native American Flute.  Phone 928-204-1867
  • Dos Geckos - Larry Perkins (violin)  Phone 928-634-7443 and Bill Barnes (guitar)  Phone 928-284-1023
  • Arizona DJ Music and More - Jeanie Carroll.  Phone 928-300-7092 or toll free 1-877-283-3969
  • Vibhas Kendzia - Piano, Native Flutes & Saxophone.   Phone 928-301-1877
  • Meadowlark - Guitar, flutes & pennywhistles capture the very essence of a romantic wedding.  Phone  928-237-1622
  • Wiley Beveridge - pianist, guitarist, singer/songwriter.  Phone 928-821-5205 
  • Kaibab String Quartet - David Koerner  Phone:  928-606-2544



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