Breema: Moving into Presence

with Arlie Mischeaux & Birthe Kaarsholm

Breema is an enlivening and truly holistic approach to unifying the body, mind, and feelings to become present and rejuvenated and to feel more alive!

It’s a practical, down-to-earth method that supports body-mind connection via touch and movement so that our relationships (to ourselves and others) can be enriched, positive, and healthy. This makes it possible to bring more presence, meaning and conscious energy to one’s life.

For movement enthusiasts, bodyworkers, dancers, and anyone interested in nurturing vitality, openness, and wholeness in themselves and others.

November 9-10, 2018

Join us in the Chapel:

 Friday from 6-9pm for the introduction, mini-sessions and demonstration

 Saturday from 10am-5pm in the Chapel.

Cost:  $125 or $100 before 10/25. 

Info/Register: 510-428-0937,,   

BREEMA ~ Being, Right now, Everywhere, Every moment, Myself, Actually


Arlie Theresa Mischeaux, CMT (Cert.#30450)

Arlie has been a Certified Breema Bodywork Instructor and Practitioner for over 20 years. She teaches extensively in the United States, Mexico, Europe, and Canada. She is a Staff Instructor at the Breema Center (World Headquarters) and serves as a senior Practitioner at The Breema Clinic in Oakland, CA, where she also maintains a private massage and bodywork practice –A Touch of Heart Bodywork (, that incorporates the Breema Principles into several modalities and healing arts.

Some of her U.S. teaching engagements include: The Esalen Institute, CA, The Omega Institute, NY, the California Institute of Integral Studies, CA and Breitenbush Hot Springs, OR. She’s introduced Breema to hundreds of people as well as at the American Holistic Nurses Association National Convention, American Massage Therapy Association National Convention, The Yoga Journal Conferences, and internationally at the Congreso Internacional de Masajistas, in Spain.

Birthe Kaarsholm, RSMT, CMT (Cert.# 30281)

Birthe is a Staff Instructor at the Breema Center in Oakland, CA, where she has practiced Breema since 2000, and a senior Practitioner at The Breema Clinic.

She is also a Somatic Movement Therapist, a Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst®, and is certified as a Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner. She keeps a national and international teaching schedule where she participates as an Instructor in Breema training seminars throughout Europe and the U.S. She loves Breema's unique approach to finding balance and harmony via connecting body, mind, and feelings.

Breema is a teaching of the heart, an expression of the unifying principle of Existence. Its purpose is to create harmony and balance between your mind, feelings, and body, and in your relationship to yourself, to others and all life.

Practiced on a comfortably padded floor, Breema uses nurturing touch, dynamic and calming movements, stretches, and unique postures to enhance physical flexibility and vitality, mental clarity, and emotional balance. Underlying all this are Breema’s Nine Principles of Harmony (Body Comfortable, No Force, Mutual Support, No-Judgment Single Moment/Single Activity, Firmness and Gentleness, No Hurry/No Pause, No Extra, and Full Participation), that are applied throughout the workshop and can also be brought to all our daily activities.

We begin with (1) a short body-centered meditation, then (2) learn and practice several Self-Breema exercises, then (3) learn/exchange partner sequences, then (4) exchange our experiences in the group or with our partner. When optimal, (5) we have a discussion/Q&A about the Breema principles and philosophy, and how to have them alive and available when doing the partner work and in daily life activities.

Breema is grounding, harmonizing, and relaxing, whether exchanging Breema partner sequences or practicing Self-Breema exercises. The class naturally facilitates a profound experiential atmosphere of non-judgment, mutual support, and receptivity. Sequences are ideal to practice on friends and family members and one can easily do the Self-Breema (self-care) exercises anywhere for refreshment and balance.

Students come to nurture themselves and connect to their essential nature. This Breema workshop gives practical tools anyone can use to extend the benefits they receive in the classroom on an ongoing basis, so they can bring more harmony and presence to every aspect of their lives. Breema’s timeless principles are applicable to every situation in life, and they open us to the possibility of awakening to the essential unity of Existence in this very moment.

Self-Breema exercises, Breema bodywork, and the Nine Principles of Harmony have become the cornerstones of a direct and practical system for introducing people to the Art of Being Present and the transformational teaching of unity we call Breema: