The Tao of the Heart - The Heart of the Tao: Restoring Mind-Body

Presented by Deng Ming-Dao, Taoist author and teacher

 The lecture is an introduction to a weekend held at Angel Valley, with Taoist Longevitiy Techniques through 3 qigong heart practices.

The focus of the entire weekend is on the heart. As beings of feeling, intelligence and spirituality, we dedicate ourselves to the life of the soul. 

Deng Ming-Dao is known for 9 books, translated in 17 languages. One of his most popular books is, ‘365 Tao’, with daily meditations. 

September 21, 2018

7-9pm in the Chapel

Cost:  $25/door


Everyone of any age is invited to learn how to unite body, mind, and spirit; to maintain health; and to learn the Taoist ideals of a long life.


Weng Liang Huang will join Ming-Dao. She is a noted qigong and calligraphy teacher, who teaches in her own Ruyi Studio in Taos, NM.

She will help explain the secret messages of Chinese ideographs related to these Taoist heart practices.


Deng Ming-Dao, author, martial artist, and Taoist. Over the course of four decades, he has trained with five teachers in Taijiquan, the internal arts of Xingyiquan and Baguazhang, qigong, philosophy and meditation.

He is known for nine books, including Chronicles of Tao, the popular 365 Tao with daily meditations, and Scholar Warrior, a book showing how exercises, meditations, and philosophy combine into a single spiritual path. His books have translations in seventeen languages.

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In ancient China, it was said that one had to be predestined to learn Taoist longevity techniques. This September, Taoist author and teacher, Deng Ming-Dao,will travel to Sedona to give a weekend presentation. This is an ideal chance to learn three rare qigong forms and understand the profundity of Taoist philosophy.

The presentation of September 21 is the introduction to a weekend of Taoist Longevity Techniques, held at Angel Valley.

The Standing Eight Pieces of Brocade will provide a simple yet complete form of stretching and channeling of energy.

The Six Healing Sounds use movement, breath, and chanting to improve the health of major organs.

The Seated Eight Pieces of Brocade contain the easiest core methods of Taoist internal alchemy.

In our discussions, we will be focusing on the heart. In Chinese, that word combines heart, mind, and soul. Understanding that helps us unify our sense of self and eliminates all divisions. We are people of feeling, intelligence, and spirituality, and we dedicate ourselves to the life of the soul.