Amplify: 3 Day Co-Creative Leadership Training

with Laurie A. Rivers

Amplify your impact through this leading-edge system designed to empower, equip and support people of good will and service to rise into their calling with ease and confidence. The new paradigm requires leaders who co-create solutions with their groups, clients, and community.

This three day interactive training uses the system designed by Align Network International founder, Laurie A. Rivers, to equip and empower heart centered, intuitive, empathetic professionals and entrepreneurs with the important skills and resources to stay steady in the face of massive economic and societal change. The system is designed through a hybrid of esoteric wisdom and modern neuroscience to assist lightworkers to embody their mission and purpose here in the new reality.

Why attend? This powerful system was designed to address a vacuum of practical hands on support for conscious aware and spiritually devoted entrepreneurs. So often most training focuses on action vs alignment. This training is designed to guide you to your own inner knowing, strengths and alignment and then helps you remain aligned.

Our support system offers the antidote to conference highs as it continues through weekly meetings on and offline around the world. Our members report gaining more clarity, insight and the ability to take forward action with confidence. Member results include finding better and more supportive employment, business growth, and more importantly ease in daily life.

After the training event, one year of hands on support is included to assist with integration and application of the material in your daily life. ($528.00 Value). The training makes you eligible to become a certified Align Network International leader to help grow resilient communities in your local area and gain financial appreciation for inviting friends and colleagues.

September 13-15, 2018

 9am-4pm daily in the Universal Room. 

Cost: $997. (includes materials, morning and afternoon refreshment, and one-year membership to Align Network International as part of this interactive workshop).  Meets the requirement to become an A.N.I. Certified Leader.

Tickets:, or at the door.

Contact us for more details or to inquire about scholarships we have several partial scholarships and one full scholarship available for a local Sedona Resident. Call: 1-844-933-3323

Workshop Schedule:

Day 1:

9:00am – Registration opens, Morning Refreshment, Introductions (Coffee, Tea & Lemon Water, Fruit and Assorted Pastries – Please feel free to bring your own food to fulfill your dietary needs)

Topics Covered:

  •  Invocation and Introduction
  •  Rules of the Road – Specific Positive Praise
  •  Guide on the side vs Sage on the stage model
  •  The Significant 7 – Keys to Resiliency

Day 2:

9:00am –Morning Refreshment, Connect (Coffee, Tea & Lemon Water, Fruit and Assorted Pastries – Please feel free to bring your own food to fulfill your dietary needs)

Topics Covered:

  •  How to get out of the way and allow unfolding
  •  Skill building: Clarity, Focus, Discipline via Inspired Action
  •  Overview of the A.N.I curriculum
  •  A.N.I. meeting system

Day 3:

9:00 am –  Morning Refreshment, Connect (Coffee, Tea & Lemon Water, Fruit and Assorted Pastries – Please feel free to bring your own food to fulfill your dietary needs)

Topics Covered:

  •  EMBODIMENT™ Coaching overview and practice
  •  Facilitation Practicum
  •  Commitment to next steps


Testimonial video  link


“The system of A.N.I. is intentional, efficient, and has helped me gain clarity and confidence in ways that no other program has before. The support structure and meetings, plus the short course format has helped me in more ways that I can express. I make sure to attend weekly even though I have a busy schedule because of how much I get out of it; new awarenesses, more solidity about my purpose here, and greater direction to take inspired action.”     Shervin Hojat, Engineer & Poet.

 “I like how I can go at my own pace, even though I have health concerns, I’m always welcomed unconditionally and never feel like I’m left out of the circle. It’s one of many reasons why I chose to become a leader. This system is so holistic and supportive that it has enhanced my own work with clients as a life and career coach.”    Rosy Gill, Shadow Coach

About Laurie Rivers:

Laurie A. Rivers, founder of Align Network International, is an expert in self-actualization and realization. Her life’s work to embody and make practical the teachings in the Ancient Wisdom work is presented in the Align Network International Curriculum.

 Laurie’s work has taken her around the globe to assist hundreds people of good will embody their mission, vision and purpose. “It is my calling to help people anchor their souls into their physical being to further enhance life in this reality at this time.”

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