Awakening to Galactic Love

Presented by Jennifer Wrobel, Kate Sparks, and Harry Kroner

Receive Light Encoded Transmissions, Activations, and Downloads 

Created to bless and assist you wherever you are on your Spiritual Journey

Benefits of Attendance:

  • Anchor more Galactic Love into your Heart and onto the planet     
  • Unlock encoded activation encryptions that hold keys for your ascension process and the awakening of your dormant talents and cosmic brilliance
  • Release old patterns, karma, contracts, and imprinting
  • Open to a better connection with your guides & angels

Highlights of the Event:

  • Kate Sparks channeling P’taah, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Mother Mary, and Sananda
  • Harry Kroner and Jennifer Wrobel leading a Quantum Healing  Meditation, Jennifer Wrobel channeling Isis
  • Jennifer Wrobel and Harry Kroner facilitating Lightwork and Energy Healing Attunements

 We hope you can join us for this transformational day full of galactic love and celestial light. Expand your multidimensional self and further awaken your multidimensional heart through a sacred day of receiving and experiencing Channelings of Ascended Masters, Light Language, a Quantum Healing Meditation, & Energy Healing Attunements.

October 7,  2018

10am-5pm in the Sedona Room.

Cost: $150.


About Harry Kroner:

Harry Kroner is a catalyst of spiritual awakening, ascension, and deep personal healing. Bringing a unique blend of techniques together that work on all levels of your being.

Emerging as a leading expert in spiritual hypnotherapy, helping people experience the higher dimensions within themselves, reaching wisdom, healing, purpose and deeper lessons about this life and other lives. He conducts one-on-one sessions, workshops, seminars, and retreats. 

He earned a master’s degree in psychology, and received extensive training in Quantum Healing Hypnosis, past life regression therapy, life coaching, energy healing, and Arcturian healing.

He also authored the book, Freedom from Anxiety, and co-author the book, The Change, with Jim Lutes and Jim Britt.


About Kate Sparks:

Kate is a voice channel for the Ascended Masters and Archangels. Her readings and events focus on spiritual progression, self-empowerment and ascension clearing. She works closely with her Pleiadian Master Teacher and Personal Guide, P'taah, the Pleiadian Star Family and is strongly connected to White Buffalo Calf Woman. 

She is also author of the book, Love from the Pleiades. Born and raised on a farm in Central Illinois, Kate currently resides with her husband, David, in Arizona on Spruce Mountain, a Lighted Sacred Mountain. This sacred area is connected to the Pleiades and light work is done in their medicine wheel and galactic tipi.


About Jennifer Wrobel:

Jennifer Wrobel has been practicing in the healing arts for over 25 years. Since early childhood, she has been communicating with Angels, Ascended Masters, Celestial Beings, and Ancestral Guides.

She developed and teaches an energy healing modality called, Angelic Resonance Healing.

It's a beautiful combination of shamanic and multidimensional quantum healing. She is a Celestial Voice Channel and a natural psychic. Healing work is her passion, her art, her life path and purpose. Jennifer’s sessions and workshops are unique, potent, and life changing.