Energy South Mesa Training

Taught by Jamee Curtice

Energetic healing and alignment is an ancient tool that has been used for thousands of years.  

This training is the first of 4 Directions.  It combines Ancient Andean Methods with Modern Discoveries to truly learn changing your field. You will learn how to practice sensing and seeing the Energy Field.  Discover ways to clear your projections. 

Heal 3 Themes in your life.  Discover shamanic tools like the 4 Levels of Perception and the Levels of Engagement.  Begin a mesa, known as a shamanic altar.  Understand what the archetypes are.  Receive 3 Initiations.   

September 26-28, 2018

9am-4:30pm each day in the Retreat Room. 

Cost is $375.00. 

Registration at with paypal. 


There are many many tools for healing and energy work.  In Peru alone, they offer multiple traditions.  In the North of Peru, they work with energetic cord cutting, egg cleansing, and divination.  In the Jungles of Peru,  they work with herbal medicines, and sounds and songs to unwind energy threads.  In the high mountains such as Ausungate and Hatun Qeros, they work with their Mesa, their shamanic altar, and prepare despachos and initiations to assist people.  Join us to step on the path to explores many different ways, techniques both ancient and modern.  Combine your intentions, your meditations, and your heart toruses, to clear and focus on your new life. 

Here are some of the tools we will work with:

  •  Explore methods for sensing and tracking the Luminous Energy Field ( LEF )
  •  Identify which chakras hold energetic imprints and densities
  •  Practice ways to cradle the head with the deepening and release points
  •  Learn 2 ways to open sacred space
  •  Receive 3 Initiations - The Hampeq or Healer Rites,  the Bands of  Protection, and the Harmony ( or Ayni Karpay ) Archetypes
  •  Understand why you might want to choose to work with a mesa and  an ancient tradition
  •  Connect to the archetypes of Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird, and Condor/Eagle
  •  Learn proper ways of shamanic journey that assist healing
  •  Discover ways to drum that enhance a trance state


Jamee Curtice is an energy medicine practitioner and teacher.  She lives half the year in Peru and has studied with Alberto Villoldo in the Four Winds Light Body School, and is immersed  in the Andean Cosmology, the Chakana Teachings, Jungle Medicine and Herbs, the Qero Traditions, and taught in the Healing the Light Body School for 9 years. 

She is founder of Heart and Soul Essence L.C. and leads Sacred Tours. She received her Masters of Education at the University of Utah.  She has trained in a variety of healing modalities.