Woman Arising: Ignite Your Divine Feminine Fire

A Weekend of Transformation and Empowerment

I invite you to re-awaken this passionate energy of the Divine Feminine that lives within all of us. To understand how to walk connected to mother earth and be supported by her divine wisdom every step of the way. 

Together we will:

  •  Co-create the New Paradigm
  •  Make new lifelong friends
  •  Network and build conscious relationships with Sedona community leaders and teachers and other powerful women
  •  Explore sacred places and purify, renew and put forth your highest intentions in the sacred lands of Sedona
  •  Embody the goddess within and nurture the womb of creation

So please join us for a celebration of the incredible transformation happening in the lives of women today and the beautiful new paradigm we are creating together.

Please experience our video: https://vimeo.com/223843649




This year we are making some exciting changes and will be shifting the format so participants will get a more in-depth, hands-on transformational experience.  Our theme, Igniting Your Divine Feminine Fire, is designed to help you open that deep part of yourself that you didn’t even know was there and unlock your powerful shakti energy so you can discover and live your sacred passions.

We will start off our new format with a beautiful opening ritual where we invoke the Goddess energy and set our intentions for the weekend.  You will be led through a series of workshops that will help you connect with your inner wisdom and truth to help you claim your Divine Feminine Power.

You will connect to women from all over the world who will become part of your sacred sisterhood and open your heart to the possibilities of living from your intuitive deep center of knowing.

Learn how to:

  •  Discover your innate leadership abilities
  •  Find comfort, confidence, and strength in your authentic self
  •  Continue to awaken to your passion, power, and presence
  •  Connect to the wisdom that lies within you
  •  Envision an empowered life
  •  Find your authentic voice and express yourself honestly
  •  Enhance your well-being
  •  Appreciate your life unfolding perfectly and celebrate the woman you are: free, authentic, compassionate, creative, expressive, powerful, and intuitive

Now is the time to honor our internal Feminine energy and be reminded that we are not separated from the Divine. To find that peaceful planet where the Divine Masculine and Feminine walk side by side. Where we no longer strive so hard to get “somewhere”, but instead let intuition guide us to build a world of compassion and understanding.



Join us for Women Arising 2018 in beautiful Sedona, Arizona for a wonderful weekend of initiation into the deep, divine feminine. Entering its sixth year, this event is a powerful opportunity to connect with radiant, successful, and aware women who share the most profound insights, guidance, and sisterhood.

This dynamic and empowering tribal gathering for today’s modern women features exciting female speakers, each bringing gifts of unique guidance for tuning in with our sacred feminine. This event will feature: dynamic workshops, ceremonies,  initiations, presentations, movement, meditation and hands-on practices that will guide you on a deep creative exploration into scared Feminine knowledge, This gathering of powerful and beautiful women provides inspiration, and nourishment we need to be true to that inner Feminine light. 

November 16-18, 2018

Friday 5-9pm; Saturday 10am-5pm; Sunday 10am-4pm in the Great Room

Cost: Early Bird Special to August 31: $333.; Regular Price: $399.; At the Door: $499.  

Tickets: https://www.womanarising.com/purchase

Contact/Website: www.womanarising.com Phone: 520-921-9991 email:info@womanarising.com