JUST BE: The Power of Presence

with Sedonah Sunn

Join me as I share a short talk on one of my life manifestation stories, a Guided Meditation - with harp & crystal bowls and a Healing, to release blocks and open your heart to living more joyfully.  I will use one of my high vibration healing essential oils to anoint guests heads (this is optional) and the oils will be available for purchase.  The class will end with a question and answer session, giving all an opportunity to share their experiences.

 June 16, 2018 

11am-12pm in the Art Cabin 

Cost:  $10, $20/door 

Tickets:  www.SedonahSunn.com

Private healing sessions available:  928-821-4144

About Sedonah Sunn:

"In the year 2000 at age 27, I ventured out on a 4 month back packing journey, to explore the lands of Australia.  Previously, I had been working for 5 years as a costume assistant in the film industry in Toronto, Canada and I was beginning to feel burnt out.  I was making great money and could buy anything I wanted, yet I felt like something was missing. 

The experience of leaving behind all of my belongings and wandering the outback had awakened me to wanting to live a more conscious life.When I returned home, I gave up the job and enrolled myself in a 2200 hour, 2 year Massage Training course.  Over the past 18 years I have studied every different kind of alternative healing modality you could imagine, and spent thousands of dollars going to see other healers. 

Everything I share with you I had to try on me first to understand its effects.  My studies helped me go through the real life experiences, which at times were very joyful and at times were quite painful and challenging. “PRESENCE” is what got me through, and “PRESENCE” is also what makes my life so beautiful, and soulfully fulfilling.

I am here to serve the world.  I am here to Inspire and Empower the People.  I am here to remind you that when you listen to your soul and act on that guidance…  Love, Light, Peace & Joy fill your life.  Your heightened awareness will now catch the sign posts & messages that have been there all along, pointing you in the direction to living the greatest journey. "

Know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be!

"If you are sitting in my class today, it is because your soul guided you to be here.  I look forward to meeting you and getting to know you."  Many blessings, Sedonah Sunn