7th Seal Summit - Activating the Divine Within

hosted by M and Ms. M of Deep Disclosure

You've listened to our story on Deep Disclosure and now we want to invite you into our world to join in the global transformation that is well under way. Get exclusive updates about what is going on on front lines and learn how you can integrate into the Spiritual Revolution! 

7th Seal Summit Activating the Divine Within is the first workshop in series of Activation Events presented by M and Ms. M of Deep Disclosure. Live from our beautiful hometown in the Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona we invite you to partake in one of the first mass activations of the 7th Seal leading up to the Golden Gate this November 22nd. 

We will begin the day with a 7th Seal Activation opening the crown chakra and integrating with your higher self followed by a special presentation by M on the light codes St Germain encoded into the English language. After this compelling presentation we will all be treated to the gifts of our dear friend Light Star as she shares the Language of Light.

Next, the one and only, Suzanne Ross, host of LightenUp! TV, will perform another powerful activation. Finally Ms. M will be joined by Standswithbear and Vance Blow for an activating sound healing wrapping up our morning session. 

Sumaya O'grady will be kicking off our afternoon session by guiding us all into the Violet Flame to bathe in unconditional love with our brother St Germain. Next up we have a special treat with Physical Medium, Nicole Angel, channeling Metatron, an unforgettable experience leading us into the end of our day a Q&A session with M and Ms. M moderated by, TolecfromDakote, host of Deep Disclosure. 

Join us from 9am-4:30pm in the Great Room. Cost:  $121.  Tickets for this event including limited VIP packages can be purchased at deepdisclosure.com found on the Events page.