Awakening Your Infinite Potential

with Ron Damico

Humanity continually strives to reach new heights in life - wealth, technology, ingenuity, material accumulation, beauty, etc. Yet it is rare that these achievements bring about a sense of satisfaction, completeness, happiness or peace. Why? Because reaching our potential has very little to do with what we obtain in the physical world. At its truest levels it is an expression of how awakened we are at the Spirit level and how clearly we bring this into the world.

In order to reach our infinite potential it is necessary to strive to awaken our spirits and experience the magnificence of our true nature. Ron will guide you through the openings to live a life that is expressive of completeness, joy, peace, and contentment. Living the 99% of who we are through the 1% that is the physical experience of this life. This will support our ability to create, experience and express through the physical body in a way only our Spirit can.

During this event Ron will be releasing:

  •  Effects of various forms of traumas from this and past lifetimes
  •  Family lineage issues
  •  Social/Global views and norms
  •  Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances

All of which affect and influence your ability to allow your Spirit to be the lens and guide through which you live, bringing forth the courage to strive for and experience the life you have always dreamed of. Along with these releases Ron will bring in the frequencies, programs and mindsets that will help you live your innate potential to create the life you are meant to live.

There will be multiple healing meditations to bring you deeper into your Authentic Self along with tools to help you go further on your own. This event will also be recorded for replay to all in person and webinar participants to be used to deepen the experience as part of your personal support process.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

10am-2:30pm in the Sedona Room

Cost $95/Advance/preregister  or $110./door

Info/Register: or 860-358-9272. 


About Ron Damico:

Ron Damico is a highly regarded Transformational Catalyst, Energy Healer and Spiritual Guide to thousands of people across the globe. He is most known for his powerful Group Healing events where his energetic transmissions can have profound and life changing effects on people.

When Ron works with you, he uses his voice, presence and consciousness to activate and transfer the frequencies to awaken your pure essence. His energy and awareness are imbued with Pure Source Codes, which Ron uses to activate your own healing capacity. These sessions harness the power of the collective energy to catapult the group to a higher state of Infinite Potential.

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