Moving Into the Light of You ~ Transformational Group Healing

with Ron Damico

 During this event, Ron will be guiding the group through a powerful healing mediation while energetically transforming the group to bring about deeper clearing and awakening. These TGH’s tap into the well of infinite potential that is your Spirit and will increase your ability to guide and heal yourself through the experience of life. This will be a continual process of laying the foundation to awaken your personal healing abilities to live a higher quality of joy and abundance as your life.

This evening’s TGH will be Moving Into the Light of You, with grace and speed Ron will be moving the group into the next level of your Infinite Potential. As awakening occurs we move ever closer to the pinnacle of becoming fully human. Meaning we have become completely expressive as our Spirit in the form of a human being. Because being IS the natural state of Spirit, through the moniker of Human-Being we have been subconsciously honoring ourselves as the physical expression of our Being. In other words, we are remembering that we ARE Spirit-Being-Human.

Ron’s Transformational Group Healings have been a part of his core offerings for more than 10 years. These events are designed to address personal issues in a group environment. By using the power of the group this increases the potential and momentum for the participants to awaken and heal at a deeper level. Because Ron’s work takes place beyond space and time it offers a transformational opportunity for all levels, whether you are a seasoned person or new to this process, all will be supported where they are. People continually share that they feel Ron is speaking directly to them when a personal issue is touched upon. These Transformational Group Healings address what is affecting a person at a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level.

June 22, 2018

 10am-2:30pm in the Sedona Rm. 

Cost:  $110/door, $95/pre-register.

Info/Register: 860-358-9272, or visit:


About Ron Damico:

Ron Damico is a highly regarded Transformational Catalyst, Energy Healer and Spiritual Guide to thousands of people across the globe. He is most known for his powerful Group Healing events where his energetic transmissions can have profound and life changing effects on people.

When Ron works with you, he uses his voice, presence and consciousness to activate and transfer the frequencies to awaken your pure essence. His energy and awareness are imbued with Pure Source Codes, which Ron uses to activate your own healing capacity. These sessions harness the power of the collective energy to catapult the group to a higher state of Infinite Potential.

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