Summer Solstice Sound Alchemy

with Astara and Orion of Illuminating Hearts

Illuminating Hearts is a Love Lifestyle Collaboration out of the heartland conceived to help you imagine, solve, create and live from the intelligence of the heart. Collaborators Astara (Lily Marie Livingston) and Orion (Ryan Lee Muff) cross-pollinate channeled organic sound and energy tuning, science and spirituality, theory and the experiential. We provide diverse innovative wellness services woven into a multi-disciplinary eco-system of acoustics, metaphysics, mindfulness, mysticism, fluid movement, bioenergetics and sustainable biophilic (nature-centered) design.

Together, Astara and Orion facilitate personalized and group sessions, guiding participants to the wisdom, creativity and healing within them. Our unique spectrum of offerings empower and support you to remember and become your truest Self: from our soul, heartifact and sound offerings, to our business innovation and wellness programs, to biophilic design consulting and sound lessons! Let us uncover your heartifacts and tune you up. Harmonize with your essence. Live more authentically, soul-fully, and joy-fully.

Benefits of Organic Sound Alchemy:

  •  Learn fluid breathing and toning techniques
  •  Reconnect your heart-mind-body to support your heart intelligence and coherence
  •  Build Vagal Nerve Tone to support your bio-intelligence and overall well-being
  •  Engage the parasympathetic nervous system for wholing your body and soul
  •  Increase Heart Rate Variability for longevity and vitality
  •  Access gamma brain waves which in turn accesses all brain wave states and increases well-being, better perception of reality, incredible focus, better self-control and richer sensory experience.
  •  Tune yourself up and get back in tune with the earth and those around you

June 21, 2018

7-9pm in the Great Room.

Cost:  $40/door, $35/advance.


Contact info:  402-302-1118 or  


Voices from the Experience...

“The Organic Sound Alchemy was unlike anything I have ever experienced. The meditation with the gongs sent me into a deep state of dhyana! I am still blissful after just a couple sessions with Orion and Astara. The two of them truly exemplify what love is all about. They will heal you in ways you might not expect and bring joy and insight into your life that you'll enjoy for years to come. If you get the chance to meet them and experience what they offer, make sure to take the opportunity! - Olivia Lynn, Mornington, Victoria, Australia
“Wow! What a lovely, fascinating, transformative experience my illuminating hearts session has been with Astara and Orion. Relaxing into the meshing of sound and vibration and how it opens, engages, and integrates within the body. A gnarly layer of tension and knots and blockage that I've carried around forever was gone! All the bodywork I've done for 20+ years has peeled layers off the onion, but not as fast or deep. Just too cool!”Andrea Howard, Omaha, Nebraska
“Astara and Orion opened up my eyes to an incredible new experience. My session with them was unlike anything I have ever experienced. So grateful for their passion, spirit, calming nature, insight, and care. Can't wait for another sound session!” Erin Riddle, Portland, Oregon
“It's challenging to articulate what happens in a sound alchemy session, because words fail to do justice to this profound and transcendent experience. Astara and Orion create a safe, rich environment for personal exploration that bypasses the cognitive and moves you into a deeper state of knowing. Each session is unique and offers varied opportunities to perceive things heretofore unfathomable. Astara and Orion are mystical ambassadors extraordinaire.”Michelle Miller, Omaha, Nebraska
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About Orion:

Orion (Ryan Lee Muff) is sound. Over many years, the didgeridoo, flute, and gong have taught him to resonate with the world from the heart through breath and rhythm.

His true nature and calling is being a channel for sacred sounds to hold space for you. He knows we are all plucked, strummed, bowed and blown into vibration and resonance by a cosmic love.

When Orion isn’t weaving a sonic pallette, he can be found building artisan furniture from reclaimed wood or walking with Astara and their amazing “Brown Dog".

About Astara:

Astara (Lily Marie Livingston) is a heartrepreneur, illuminator, writer, archaeomusician, pragmatic mystic, scholar, architect, poet and biophiliac. Emerging from over 20 years of metaphysics and sustainable architecture, she knows life is an eco-system and symphony.

Her joy is to bring people back in touch with their essence and reconnect them to nature. Astara wakes up each morning to empower others to follow their heart and their wildest dreams. She knows being alive is a great dance and can often be found at her piano playing and singing rock and roll.