Living Your Planetary Purpose A Weekend Intensive

with Ethann Fox and Micheila Sheldan

A Weekend Intensive with Ethann Fox and Micheila Sheldan

Transitioning during this turbulent time can be challenging as you uncover your soul’s plan to work in harmony with new, collectively-based energies of the planet.  Ethann Fox and Micheila Sheldan blend their teachings in this weekend intensive designed to vibrationally and physically transition your timelines to live in alignment with your planetary purpose. This experience includes mix of lectures, trance channeling, energy transfers, guided meditations and activations, as well as the opportunity to interact directly with Micheila, Ethann and a variety of loving Guides, Master Teachers and Collectives who are here to assist humanity’s ascension.

Now more than ever, Lightworkers on the planet are being called to bridge the gap between the 3rd and the 5th dimensions. Many of the timelines we have created from our careers, relationships and the way we earn money to our identities and beliefs have been formed in a material energy. This material or old grid energy was manifested through our collective focus on service to self, singularity and lack. However, a new, multi-dimensional grid is now available on our planet. This new grid operates as a direct pathway to Source and is connected to universal support. It has the potential to affect all areas of your life, allowing you to step into your signature imprint, expressing your unique offering to the collective while receiving support and abundance to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

Ethann and Micheila offer a unique opportunity to launch you onto this new grid, raising the dimension of your reality and navigating you towards the timelines best serving the highest expression of your divine blueprint and living your planetary purpose.

During this weekend intensive, you will:

  •  Remove karma and raise consciousness and live a happier, more fulfilling life.
  •  Hear directly from Higher Dimensional Beings and Collectives about recent planetary shifts and the affects they are having in your physical and non-physical reality.
  •  Learn how to easily integrate the new energies and bridge comfortably into 5D.
  •  Participate in guided meditations and vibrational processes to clear, heal and activate your chakras and DNA.
  •  Discover the importance of exploring your numerology and astrology cycles to plan a roadmap to success.
  •  Understand the old grid/new grid shift as it relates to financial abundance.
  •  Evaluate the significance of close relationships and how they are intimately connected to your personal success, health, and inner peace.
  •  Receive unique perspectives and advice on how to design and market your spiritual products and services to transition them into the changing global economy of the New Age.
  •  Gain access your spiritual gifts and understand their vibrational fit and application within the collective consciousness.
  •  Learn how to maintain your vibration during a very turbulent time on our planet to live at your highest potential.
  •  Ask your personal question of the many Guides, Beings and Collectives present and loving receive loving  support on your soul journey;.
  •  Gain inspiration and tools for maintaining and raising your vibration in your day-to-day walk of life from multi-dimensional beings who are here to support our evolution.



Friday in the Great Room

Join Micheila and Ethann for an opening evening of live channeling, energy transfer and Q&A

4-6 pm Channeling Universal Truths | Micheila Sheldan

6-8 pm Energy Transfer and Discourse | Ethann Fox

$45 each / $80 for both sessions

Saturday & Sunday in the Sedona Room

Live Your Planetary Purpose Weekend Intensive with Micheila and Ethann.

Saturday 9-5 pm

Sunday 9-1 pm

$350 includes Friday sessions



Through his spiritual awakening, Ethann altered the course of his life, leaving the business world behind to establish his organization, Flower of Life Center for Human Evolution. Ethann facilitates energy transfers in private and group settings, while inspiring volunteers on a collective mission of furthering awakening through Flower of Life. His vision further manifests in the expression of a variety of initiatives including his television show, international expo, conscious activism movement, conscious youth group and an alternative school for children.
Ethann has been a student and practicing astrologer and numerologist for over 20 years. During this time he has studied and brought together the wisdom of various Eastern and Western philosophies into a singular cohesive system. It is his belief that the knowledge that underlies all of these modern systems originated with a singular body of wisdom thousands of years ago. But when combined, they become a powerful tool for understanding our world.
As a result of his passion for understanding the human condition, Ethann has also been a student of psychology and how to increase one’s happiness and potential in life through the use of reconditioning techniques and changes in diet and lifestyle. Today he teaches these techniques to individuals and audiences with very successful results.
Ethann utilizes his background as the owner of a branding and marketing agency in conjunction with his spiritual gifts and astrology/numerology expertise to assist Lightworkers on the planet to identify their soul’s purpose and express it through mainstream tools and technology. He offers this service on a private consultation basis, combining all aspects of his experience, education, personal history and spiritual awareness.

About Ethann Fox:

Ethann Fox always had a feeling that he had a gift with energy. From an early age and through his adult years in the business and financial world, he had an intense knowing that he could help people and never walked away from someone in need. Simultaneously, he walked the spiritual world, eventually becoming an accomplished astrologer and numerologist. Yet his logical, left brained mindset left him very skeptical of his energetic healing ability. He had dismissed many unusual and profound healing experiences as coincidence, until 1997 when a series of unmistakable events finally began to convince him. His belief was further confirmed upon meeting Barb Morey, a gifted aura reader who's abilities can be compared to those of the late, Edgar Cayce. What she saw in his aura that day sent Ethann on a quest to better understand his gift through a series of experiments and study groups. Suddenly, many of the unusual life experiences he had lived made complete sense.

What Ethann found is he is able to accept the karma and negative emotional energy from others without any adverse effects to himself. He is able to do this while raising the consciousness of entire groups of individuals at once and there is a cumulative effect. Through these studies, he has also been able to measure permanent increases in consciousness and improvements in voice profile analysis of participants. Some people even have had dramatic improvements in health after only one visit. But the most consistent noticeable effect has been a steady increase in their level of happiness and ability to deal with turbulent circumstances in life with greater ease and inner peace. Now Ethann uses this divine gift to help others to live happier more fulfilling lives and to aid in the transition to a new world consciousness.  

About Micheila Sheldan:

Micheila Sheldan is an Intuitive Channel who has open connection to a variety of Guides, Master Teachers, Interdimensional Beings and Collectives, including Mary Magdalene, the Pleiadians and the Council of Light. Micheila channels detailed information about our history, structure, ascension and transition to a fifth dimensional consciousness.

Her awakening came during a struggle with debilitating chronic pain. Through her connection to Source and her Guides, Micheila completely healed herself, leaving her mainstream life behind to fully pursue her soul’s purpose as a channel.  Her mission is to inspire others to fearlessly live their soul’s higher purpose and to support Lightworkers through a very transitional time in our planet’s history. 

Micheila also believes she incarnated here in this time as a conduit for Lightworkers to identify and activate their collective assignment or signature imprint.  She is able to transmit light coded frequencies and vibrational healings as a vessel for crystalline light through channeled messages and activations. She is currently channeling a book that explains the history behind human creation, the influence of the Reptilian race on our planet and how we will heal and rebirth our collective reality.

Micheila is the Executive Director of the Flower of Life Center for Human Evolution, a volunteer organization focused on raising the consciousness of the planet.  In this position, Micheila works with volunteers on a variety of projects ranging from conscious action initiatives and youth programs to the organization’s international expo and magazine. She is also the mother of two very gifted teenage daughters.