Bold Moves: How to Live From Your Heart and Succeed

with Elle Swan

You will discover how and why you hold yourself back during your day, and how to use the most powerful part of your body (your heart) as a strategic tool for success in your career and personal life. 

This is a deeply empowering interactive workshop, with exciting "in the moment" activities limited to 20 participants. You will leave understanding why being bold is the secret to instantly manage your thoughts, your emotions and your time!

March 15, 2018

 6-7:30pm in the Chapel 

Cost: $25/door, $20/advance at 

Info: 702-470-4968 or  

This workshop fills up quickly so reserve your spot early.  


"The Bold Moves Program empowered me to face my fears of failure, success and my creativity.  I became intimate with my fears of being my authentic self and the anxiety that came with the thoughts that I was not enough. I faced my fears of loneliness and abandonment and my codependent relationships with family that brought out my inner saboteur who would undermine my decisions. I am grateful that the Bold Moves Program gave me the opportunity to face myself and the parts of my life that have kept me from walking in my truth." ~ Jimmy Hill, Denver, Colorado

"This program allowed me to release shame around even having FEAR itself.  I felt paralyzed by my fears before BOLD MOVES. First and foremost I feel more present to my heart and my inner experience in a softer more loving way. Within I feel more confidence, connection, trust, and forgiveness. The course supported me in facing my life more boldly and more kindly. I feel lighter more happy and I've created a spaciousness in my life for all of myself, cultivating more self-love and acceptance. I feel more grounded and safe with my self and my Aloneness my breath and body. I came to this class open to guidance, support, community,  and a challenge. All were met and more!" ~ Joey P., Arizona 

"Elle's teachings have absolutely helped me find tools to create the life I desire! Through Bold Moves, I have been able to change the way I do business, enhance my relationships, get clear, focus on my dreams and goals, and discover my own power. Bold Moves changed my life!" ~ Kara F.,  Las Vegas, Nevada

About Elle Swan:

Elle Swan is a master teacher and expert on fear. In her darkest days, she was a homeless alcoholic and addict for two years, penniless, living on the streets. While living in an abandoned van, in 2000, an astonishing a near-death experience dramatically changed the trajectory of her life.

Highly attuned spiritual gifts and a courageous passion for living was ignited and an incredible career ensued. Her experience has taken her on stages, television networks and incredible global adventures. Her work is a bridge to personal power and freedom and has inspired thousands around the world.

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*Imagine... what life would be like if you could stop holding yourself back.

*Imagine... communicating without fear.

*Imagine... feeling more confident in your daily choices...every single day!

The BOLD MOVES workshop is for people who are ready for freedom ~ freedom of self-expression, freedom to love, freedom to say what they really feel, and be who they really are...once and for all.


  • Why your mind blocks you from amazing experiences

  • How to take courageous actions from a place of peace.

  • Why being bold is the key to having more joy and freedom.

Bold Moves is a way of being, it’s a way of interfacing with the world. It’s about breaking out of the binds of convention and the paradigm of limitation. It’s about moving away from excessive thinking...and moving into freedom.

By shifting from habitual and collective thinking, you move into the amazing power of your unique heart. Your heart is the pathway to personal freedom. Your life becomes a frequency existence...not a thinking existence.  And because it’s frequency is specific to you, it allows you to create more truth, power, and harmony in your world.

Elle Swan's teachings are based on the fascinating power of the heart, and how heart energy kept her alive on a 35-day journey from the bottom to the top of the Himalayan mountains...on a motorcycle! It was a mind-blowing brush with death at altitudes of up to 17,500 ft. No parachutes or safety nets anywhere in sight! Your heart is BOLD you'll discover how to use it transcend the "inner mountains" of hesitation, procrastination, and fear that arise in your life on a daily basis.  Trailer Link: