There IS A Better Way Workshop

How to Get Along in a World of Conflict


As you may know, A Course in Miracles was born when Bill Thetford and Helen Schucman joined to demonstrate "a better way" in the psychology department in which they worked, a way in which people could cooperate rather than compete.

Thus, if A Course in Miracles was the answer to their desire for a better way, it implies it is a handbook for all of us in how to get along. In this workshop, Circle of Atonement founder, Robert Perry, will mine the Course on this subject, guiding us through both Course teachings and practical exercises, all in service of helping us become a source of harmony in our daily interactions and in our world. 

From its origin in 1993, the purpose of the Circle of Atonement has been to be a bridge into the profound and unparalleled wisdom of A Course in Miracles. We clarify the Course’s sometimes difficult language in order to make possible a deeper understanding of its teachings. We then help you put those teachings into practice, explaining how to apply them in your everyday life.

Our work grows out of our commitment to be as faithful as possible to what A Course in Miracles says. It also grows out of our years of dedication to walking this path ourselves and our desire to see the Course’s purpose realized in the lives of students and in the world.

April 7-8, 2018

9:30am-5:30pm in the Great Rm

Cost:  $199.

Info/Tickets: or 928-282-0790




Robert Perry, editor of the Complete and Annotated Edition of A Course in Miracles, is one of the Course’s most respected teachers.

He began teaching the Course in 1986 and has shared its insights with students throughout North America and around the world. Robert’s teaching grows out of his dedication to the Course as his own path and his desire to assist others in their own spiritual development.

Robert is the founder of the Circle of Atonement and the author or coauthor of more than 20 books and booklets, as well as hundreds of articles, based on the Course.