Soulful Summit

Presented by Robert Lee and Jamie Bechtold


Discover the lightest and brightest version of yourself during four days of activities aimed to empower your highest potential.

This event offers 17 experiences including soundbaths, breathwork, yoga, and meditation, in an environment that supports the potential for maximal personal growth, relaxation, and spiritual adventure. Activities throughout the 4 days will take place in various locations in Sedona, providing an opportunity to fully explore this magical city. Events at SCLC are June 22-23, 2018 ONLY. 

If you need to relax, recharge, or find a greater sense of peace and connection to yourself, this event is for you. 

June 21-24, 2018

4-7pm daily in the Great Room

Cost:  $325-$1400



THE FULL EXPERIENCE (6/21 thru 6/24)   Price: $1400

  •  4 Days
  •  17 Experiences
  •  Vortex Hike
  •  2 Dinners
  • 1 Lunch
  •  Special Gifts
  •  Plus More!

WEEKEND EXPERIENCE (6/23 & 6/24)  Price: $660

  •  2 Days
  •  9 Experiences
  •  Vortex Hike
  •  1 Lunch

DAY PASS (6/24 Only)  Price: $325

  •  4 Experiences
  •  Vortex Hike


FRIDAY:  June 22

  • HIGH SELF INVOCATION with Robert Lee
  • ANGEL ALCHEMY with Sat Devbir Singh
  • ROLL TALK BREATHE with Robert Lee
  • SOULSTICE SOUNDBATH with Jamie Bechtold 

SATURDAY:  June 23

  • MINDFUL MOVEMENT with Leslie Kazadi
  • FIND YOUR FIRE with Kris Cahill
  • REIKI SOUND MEDITATION with Jamie Bechtold
  • DEEP RELAXATION with Leslie Kazadi
  • HARP MAGIC with Peter Sterling


Please visit A limited amount of early registration tickets are available at a savings of up to $200.

You may also email us at




This shamanic ceremony is offered as an opportunity for people to experience the purifying nature of this Native American ceremony. This is both a physical and energetic cleansing ceremony that invokes the 4 elements (fire, earth, air and water) for healing and personal renewal. It is conducted in a cyclical manner that represents the earth’s natural rhythms and thus helps us restore balance and harmony. This safe, supportive and cleansing experience leaves one feeling empowered and rejuvenated. This is offered on Thursday, the actual day of the Summer Solstice, and is an excellent way to prepare for the remainder of the event.  *Temperature and airflow will fluctuate throughout the ceremony depending upon what the group prefers. Participants may take breaks as needed, and are encouraged to trust their personal limits.

With map in hand, you’ll go on a vortex hunt, feeling and experiencing how the energies of different vortexes affect you personally. This adventure takes place at one of the most angelic locations in Sedona, and will heighten your ability to connect to the land, yourself, and to distinguish between different energetic frequencies.


 articipants will be introduced to the major Archangels and their qualities through a series of visualizations, light movement, and meditation. As the angels are summoned, the group will be in a meditative state which will allow them to sense which Archangel they resonate with the most. Participants will learn how to interact with Archangels, who the Archangels are, and how to sense their presence. Through this process, they will be empowered to gain more support from the Angels in everyday life and align with their highest destiny.


Through self massage, talking, and breathwork you will open the flow of life force energy, build self awareness, and gain more clarity and insight as to what you want to create in your life. This experience will help you move through self-sabotaging thoughts and actions so you free up your energy, and body, for more of what you want.


Experience the magic of gongs and crystal bowls with a special soundbath designed to connect you more fully to the energy of the summer solstice. The sounds promote deep relaxation and peace, expansion of consciousness, and assist in general health and wellbeing.


When you choose to turn on your innate spiritual abilities and use them as the resources they are, you empower yourself. Your spirit is the most powerful part of you as a being, and working with your psychic abilities consciously helps you become the Magician you already are.


Experience a magical tale of Sedona through an evening of storytelling and music. You will be lulled into a state of deep relaxation and peace through the angelic sounds of the harp and crystal singing bowls, and a story about the mystical, angelic side of Sedona.


Through powerful breathing techniques, and an epic soundbath you will further connect to the highest parts of yourself, solidify this connection, and integrate the energy of the entire weekend. This is the pinnacle of the entire event and will bring all of what you experienced to a close - giving you clarity on what actions to take once you arrive home to keep the newly strengthened connection with your entire self.