The Science of Miracles and Manifestation

 with the Miracle Medium Rev. Dr. Sarah Larsen

How would your life change if you could more easily manifest miracles of healing, prosperity, and richer relationships in your life?  Do you want to learn the latest scientific discoveries for activating the miraculous, for more dynamic manifesting, and for cultivating your 365 senses?

Dr. Sarah Larsen will share with you the latest science of miracles, manifesting, and your latent senses.

You were probably taught that the human body has five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. Many neurologists identify nine or more senses, and some list as many as 21. 

Your sense of touch is actually several "somatic" senses, including the perception of pressure, heat, and pain. Within your sense of touch there are also a variety of interoceptive senses.

When you understand and name your senses from within your body, you have access to more of your senses!  

February 26, 2018

7-9pm in the Sedona Rm

Cost:  Donations are appreciated, but not required.


About Sarah Larsen:

Sarah Larsen, MD is a Medical Intuitive, Miracle Medium, and Consultant to high impact entrepreneurs and visionaries.  She is Host of Miracle Makers on UBN Radio/TV at Sunset Gower Studios and is heard worldwide on iHeartRadio.

Dr. Sarah received a degree as Medical Doctor from the Medical University of the Americas and is an Ordained Interfaith Minister from All Paths Divinity School.  Born in Pakistan, her education as a healer began in rural villages with her grandmother. Her approach to intuitive healing is described as merging ancient wisdom, modern science, and spirituality for optimal living and the unfolding of your soul’s journey!

Interoceptive senses include balance (the sense of the body's alignment), the organic sense (the sense of internal condition, such as hunger or thirst), and proprioception (the brain's knowledge of relative positions of body parts). Proprioception is the sense that is actually tested by walk-the-line or finger-to-nose sobriety tests.

When you misunderstand or lose the depth of your senses from within your body, you have access to less of your senses!

You may be experiencing "Loss of proprioception" for example. It is a rare disorder that can cause lack of coordination.  It can lead eventually to a complete lack of awareness of the body.

This causes a disembodied feeling as if the mind and body have separated.

In a 90 minute interactive presentation, you will have access to understanding your body, ancient wisdom, and a few will receive a mini-reading!

Dr. Larsen has studied the human body, ancient wisdom, and has had many near death experiences. 

She has learned from temples walls, people, and the Earth. Pakistan, Native American SItes and Caves in North America, Costa Rica, Mexico, India, Trinadad and Tobago, and Egypt.  

She has begun embodying and teaching others about utilizing the 365 natural senses and what we are truly capable of.

These extraordinary times have made possible for great feats of manifestation, alchemy, and trans-dimensional journeying.

Experience what transcends the written or oral language or the confines of labels.  Experience you and what lives resonantly within the rhythms of your natural environment.

You can heal, expand, change and "upgrade" by choice!