Language of the Heart©

Presented by Daniel Mitel, Claudette Melchizedek, Agathi with the participation of Drunvalo Melchizedek


 Language of the Heart© presented by Daniel Mitel, Claudette Melchizedek and Agathi,with the participation of Drunvalo Melchizedek.

The workshop is based on a series of experiences of Masters and Mystics from all over the world since the inception of the human race. This workshop constitutes one of the most important spiritual works in the world that teaches people to work with imagery techniques and enter into the space of the heart. It has two days of Heart Imagery and Cabalistic Imagery exercises and three days of Heart meditations.

April 2-6, 2018

Mon = 12-6pm, Tues-Fri = 9:30am-5pm in the Great Room

Cost:  $888.  Tickets:,

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“LANGUAGE OF THE HEART” workshop program and details

Day 1 from 12pm to 6pm:

         “IMAGERY: THE ORIGINAL LANGUAGE – The day of expansion”

Day 2  from 9:30am to 5pm:

          “IMAGERY: THE ORIGINAL LANGUAGE – The day of stillness”

Some of the powerful exercises from “IMAGERY: THE ORIGINAL LANGUAGE”: 

  • Cleaning The Past and Reversing, 
  • Switch Your Energy, 
  • Fluidity, Expansion and Contraction to the Water, 
  • Tibetan Chakra Cleaning and Cleaning with Prana, 
  • Healing and Emotional Clarity, 
  • Dreaming

DAY 3-5  from 9:30am to 5pm:

         “JOURNEYS INTO THE HEART – THE INNER PATH (extensive 3 days format)”

Some of the powerful exercises from “JOURNEYS INTO THE HEART – THE INNER PATH”:

  • Healing (the 108 OM)
  • Re-Connection with Mother Earth, Father Universe and Higher Self
  • The Torus of the Heart
  • The Intuitive Way
  • The Navel Method
  • The Breathing Method
  • The Forgiveness Dance
  • The Heart Concentration Method
  • The Third Eye Way

The workshop is associated with the Awakening The Illuminated Heart (ATIH) seminar. It provides the best preparation and practice for those who intend to attend the “Awakening The Illuminated Heart” seminar in the future and helps those who have already attended the ATIH seminar to further improve their practice on the Tiny Space Of Heart Meditation.