Open Your Heart Profound Spiritual Way to Greater Understand Yourself and Your Partner

with Iryna Eysmont

 Introduction to Drunvalo Melchizedek’s “Awakening the Illuminated Heart”,presented by Certified Teacher, Iryna Eysmont. This fun experiential class with movement and visual meditations, and ancient practices for you and your loved ones is a wonderful Valentine gift!

You will Remember yourself and your partner on greater level beyond all patterns and programs of modern life. Open Your Heart Wide and Give a Gift of Soul Connection to Your Loved One or Come to Find One at the Event.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

5:30-7pm in the Art Cabin

Cost:  $30 individual / $55 couple

Bring your eye mask or soft eye cover.  Reserve early, space is limited.

Details & Registration:

What students are saying about this class...

“An incredible Feminine presence. Full of joy and love. A very well crafted teaching style . It was the funnest workshop I've ever been in. lf you truly want to see some one Sparkle and Shine. You must be in her presence and look in to her eyes a true spark of LOVE. She is an Inspiration. You can not go wrong in taking her class. May Peace be with you.” ~ Tom B.

“An absolute joy to be around. If there is any teacher I have come across that embodies teaching from the heart it is Iryna. I am so thankful to have been lead to this class and this amazing human being. I highly recommend this workshop to any and everyone. Love and Light.” ~ Holly S.

“Iryna has been a joy to work with. Her enthusiasm and knowledge of the material was extraordinary! The workshop was presented with much love and it was so very obvious to me that Iryna lives in her heart!,, I have attended numerous workshops and this was the best. Thanks Iryna for your love and light!” ~ Vashael A.


 “What an incredible experience, it was so magical I didn't want it to end” ~ Sandy J.


Beginning from 2009, I have been both directly and indirectly involved with many of Drunvalo’s and Claudette Melchizedek’s workshops as a student helper at their workshops, and now as a teacher of Awakening the Illuminated Heart. Since the first time I met Drunvalo, everything came together and fell into place,-my knowing about last life, taking body with me, conscious remembering how to reconnect with eternal Wholeness and create life of my desire!

Today I’m still adding pieces to the entire map of Earthly experience we are all graduating from now, and about our next step in creation. And I feel I am a perfect blend as a human being to enjoy every moment of my life and of my creation of what has been an exciting and great gift of living the dream of limitations. 
Now I’m using this talent to assist others consciously Remember and reclaim who and what they are, by helping them to integrate into now their pain and limitations, and bring fire of joy and excitement again into their eyes, hearts and lives!

My biggest interest and passion is in returning fire into people’s eyes and hearts. Through balance of the emotional body as understanding, reliving, integrating, or simply “remember and reclaim collapsing everything in between” to move forward and allow divine expression of Wholeness to step in. Truly create the life you came here to live by clearing mind control programming, emotional trauma, collective consciousness patterns, reunion of holy trinity within: inner child, feminine and masculine aspects; creating conscious relationships with family, partners and yourself, dietary choices and more. In many cases, it is emotional body disbalance that stays in the way of opening and illuminating heart, and Remembering who you are.

My style is observation and my gift is inviting you to feel what you know and assisting you in making conscious adjustments in real life day to day situations. So you can integrate into now any unresolved memories not based in Love that are the access to your divine power.  It has been a lifetime research and lifestyle for me. It is not only useful and effective, but big fun and an exciting adventure of "creating out of nothing!”, and living your life in a way you consciously choose to live.
 Awakening the Illuminated Heart teaching is perfect ground for creating a map of how everything works in this present Earthly experience we are all graduating from now, and about our next step. It is the way to Remember and reclaim your place in Divine Creation that is your birth right.

Today the question is not about will we make it or not, but how and when. Today it is about the quality of your life now and the quality of your transition. And I’m very humbled and honored to be able to assist you in your choice to Remember.

About Eryna Eysmont:

They say when one experiences Universal Love again, there is no way back.  And I can definitely state – for me it’s absolutely true! It happened to me more than twenty years ago, and since then I’ve been walking this path and working my way back to Love.

I was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and experienced everything of what was then a communistic-country living through family, education and culture.  I received a degree as a music teacher and worked with young preschool children back in Ukraine and here in the USA, when I moved here in 2005. I was dealing with many different sides of happy and not very happy lives around me, and it was the best education to prepare me for what I am today.
When I stepped on my path of return, everything that I was needed to support me on this path flew into my life. Everything would be manifested in the needed moment, so I could do what I came here to do….remember and reclaim.

I went through many different trainings workshops and discoveries. I did my “homework” - read tons of books on the subject, took anatomy and psychology courses at college. I’ve met many great teachers with different knowledge that, to me, were the next stepping stones on the road as pieces of truth.  I was looking for an entire picture, a blue print map to know All.

As a young child, I always knew this was to be my last lifetime on Earth, and I was not to leave my body and that I was to take my body with me.  I also knew the name Drunvalo Melchizedek before I ever found his teaching, I just knew it.