Expand Your Bliss

with Dr. Melaney Sreenan

Expand Your Bliss - Illuminate Your Life From The Inside Out!  Taking the Stress Out of Love and Life

Join Dr. Melaney Sreenan, Ph.D. as she presents this empowering and fun workshop, Expand Your Bliss - leading participants to chart an exciting new course of energy management and fulfillment. This full-day workshop teaches participants powerful tools for transmuting negative stress and turning it into joy and productive vitality during hectic and demanding times.

This interactive, heart-centered seminar will teach participants to:

  •  Identify the joy of stress and understand the factors that actually give us more energy
  •  Utilize stress as a way to motivate and sharpen inner and outer performance
  •  Overcome living in survival mode and tapping into unlimited creativity
  •  Create a new way of BEing through integrating effective new tools 

Seminar participants will discover:

  •  Coping styles and how they can propel individuals, couples, groups, teams and communities to upgrade their emotional and mental fitness
  •  A fresh look at a different paradigm for personal and professional power when in stressful times
  •  How to chart a new course of efficiency and energy management in challenging circumstances
  •  How to integrate the positive aspects of stress instead of resisting situations
  •  How to take quick time outs to revitalize and get into coherence

With joy, laughter, concrete tools and exciting stories, Dr. Melaney will prime participants to move into a more authentic and illuminated way of living – immediately!

February 22, 2018

10am-5pm in the Sedona Room

Cost:  $125.

Register: https://drmelaney.com/expand-your-bliss

Info:  970-382-1188 or  coach@melaney.com

Sponsored by: http://stellarproductionslive.com/index.html

“I play with people to IN JOY incredible sustainable relationships that work all of the time. I coach people to live their lives at the edge – free, passionate, fully engaged. When you get clear about what it is that you want, then pathways unfold to the best of life! ” – Dr. Melaney


About Dr. Melany Sreenan:

Dr. Sreenan has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and extensive research and training by masters in the field of neuroscience. She co-presented with Gregg Braden on Relationship Intelligence and Wisdom of the Heart in 2017, and is one of 50 elite Consultants certified by Dr. Joe Dispenza to teach his programs worldwide. She was recently honored to be chosen to be on his leadership team and to help create and write an innovative coaching program for Dr. Joe, available in 2018.

Dr. Melaney is a nationally recognized speaker, author, coach and leader in the field of Psychology, Health and Well-Being and REALationship Intelligence. She was the Clinical Director and Coach for The Sanctuary at Sedona, and has created an innovative addiction recovery program based on her work with Dr. Joe Dispenza called BE Recovered, helping people to overcome life-long addictions.

Dr. Melaney’s compassionate and innovative programs are sought after by top clients, leading them to a deeper level of self-discovery, personal growth, and life-altering change. Dr. Sreenan is listed in Who’s Who Among American Women, Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who Among Human Service Professionals, and was also nominated Distinctive Woman of the Year in 1994. She has presented her research to the International Conference of Suicidology and other research findings to the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.