Love, Ascension and Beyond

In Sedona

Reverend Doctor Brian Graham, author, blogger and keynote speaker will be bringing his book, Bear and Butterfly, to life as we approach Valentine’s Day. 

Learn to access your highest and best energies to communicate more fully with your loved ones, dissolve the frustrations that come from not understanding why your partner,(or future partner) doesn’t understand you.

Gong Master, Linda Linvedt, will open your heart and align your vibrations with her amazing symphonic gong and meditations.  Surrender yourself to the vibrations of the Universe, open and expand your capacity to love, expand your capacity to make contact. 

In addition to several “gong washes” to align you, Linda will also be conducting an hour long vibrational meditation unlike you have ever experienced.

Join world famous Extraterrestrial Intelligence author, researcher and speaker, Gregory Sullivan, in this rare North American appearance as he guides us to a deeper understanding of what’s “out there”.

Contact has begun, and you can be part of it!  Greg will speak about ET contact, then conduct an ET location and identification program in the field at a secret location.  Expand your love beyond the terrestrial into the unlimited.

Reverend Doctor, Terrie Symons, also known as Lady Ashtar, will channel Ascended Master Ashtar, during sessions throughout the weekend. 

Ashtar will discuss your personal ascension, life in the cosmos, and most importantly, love; love for yourself, love for the planet, love for all life forms. 

Rev. Dr. Terrie will also discuss her biography, The Lady Ashtar Story.

Join Rev. Dr. Terrie Symons, Lady Ashtar;  Rev. Dr. Brian Graham; Gong Master, Linda Lintvedt;  and special guest, Greg Sullivan, founder of the ET research foundation, JSETI, for a remarkable weekend of love, personal growth, walking the path to ascension and exploring the Universe in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. 

This remarkable event will take you deeper into communication, communication with yourself, with others and with the Universe through inspirational talks, interactive sessions, vibrational meditation, and experiential outings in the Arizona night.

February 9-11,2018

Various times in the Great Room and Chapel

Purchase one ticket to experience the most fulfilling weekend ever.

All four presenters, workshops, meditations, and love for only $481.25.

Save by ordering your ticket before January 1, 2018 for the early bird price.