Healing with Dolphins & Whales in Sedona: A Journey to Remembrance

with Laurie Reyon & Master Cat Puddah (Seth) & Linda Johns


  3 Days, All Events:   Nov 10, 11 and 12, 2017

                 Early Bird Price $222 until 10/1/17 - $250 thereafter  


  1 Day,  Nov 11, 10am-5pm, plus Star Gazing Meditation from 8-9:30pm   

                 Early Bird $66 until 10/1/2017 - $77 thereafter 
 Nov 11, 1-5pm  Live Streaming Webinar from Creative Life Center in Sedona

                 Early Bird $44 until 10/1/17 - $55 thereafter


Video of the afternoon session of the Nov 11 event is included for everyone.


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Join Laurie, Master Cat Puddah and Linda, for Healing with Dolphins and Whales: A Journey to Remembrance, Nov 10-12, 2017.

Friday, Nov. 10th, location to be announced.

Saturday, Nov. 11th at Sedona Creative Life Center

10am-12pm:  Sacred Ceremony & Circle on the Land to Merge with your Soul - I Am Presence. 

1-5pm in Sedona Room: 

  • Healing Yourself with the Dolphins & Whales – Calibrate Your DNA with the Dolphins and Meet the 13 White Whales.
  • Activate your dormant Crystalline DNA with the ancient Whale tones and Codes of Creation that were brought to Earth by the Whales & Dolphins.
  • Experience Core Level Healing by accessing the power and consciousness of the Great White Whales of planet Earth. As you ACTIVATE your LIGHT BODY, you allow a quantum shift within your own physical operating systems.

Note: The afternoon session will also be presented ONLINE in our Zoom Webinar Room.

8-9:30 pm - Outside the Creative Life Center

  • Star Gazing and Meditation with the Star Beings and Celestial Friends.  
  •  Connect to the Home Star of the Whales & Dolphins   

 Sunday, Nov. 12th at Red Rock Crossing in Sedona.