'Messages from Your Spirits'

with Spiritual Medium, Jack Mario

 Join us as Jack Mario connects to the Spirit World and delivers messages to those in the audience from family and friends who have died.

The spirits step into Jack's energy and give him information about who they are. You will then be asked to raise your hand if you can resonate with the information and claim the spirit. He will then continue by delivering messages of their continued presence in your life and how they are communicating with you, then he will move on to the next group of spirits. 

A personal spirit connection is not guaranteed to everyone attending, however the intention is, everyone who attends receives insight from the connections made.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

7-9pm  in the Chapel

 Tickets: $35

* All ticket sales are final *

Tickets: jackmario.com/events

Info: info@jackmario.com or visit:  www.jackmario.com  

About Jack Mario:

Jack Mario is an internationally known spiritual medium based in Gilbert, Arizona. He is known for his detailed accuracy and grounded approach, which is why his clientele is that of nurses, doctors, teachers, lawyers, and aerospace engineers.

Through his work, Jack has been featured on ABC, various radio shows, and spoken at Spiritualist churches and multiple Arizona colleges.

Jack sees clients for private session and travels the country performing audience readings, connecting as many as he can to their loved ones in Spirit and reminding them of their own connection.