A Pure Self-Realization Retreat

with Bentinho Massaro

Coming together in community within the tight container of a retreat environment, makes it possible to drop all unnecessary mental activity and distractions, and allows you to naturally 'drop in' to your Natural State (and beyond).

Bentinho will guide you to realize and establish the reliable stability of the "I" within you, that "I" which never moves: the "I Exist" until this intimate knowledge allows you to transcend your identification with the senses, the body, the world, and the me-assumption. Liberation ensues. 

After that you will be guided into a stage where merger with God (The Great I Am, the I Am of All That Is) becomes more and more real to you. You will start to directly experience how 'The World' is actually the same as your I, or I AM. And if you are ready, you may try experimenting with tasting the Perfect One Beyond the I-exist. Taste what's left without Creation in your view. Unending Joy ensues for most people when they actually manage to glimpse what's beyond Consciousness/ Creation.

Establishing oneself as the formless ground of all experience, will greatly liberate you from suffering as your entire perspective of life will become that it is in fact a dream-creation inside of your I AM. Suddenly you have the universe inside of you.

Monday-Friday, May 1-5, 2017 

10am-6pm daily  in the Great Room

Tuition: $599

To register: www.bentinhomassaro.com/events 

Contact: ayla@bentinhomassaro.com

“I sank into this indescribable freedom that knows no boundary”, he says. “This enlightenment was the end of an unpleasant dream based in illusion and the beginning of my true life as an awakened consciousness.”   ~  Bentinho Massaro

About Bentinho Massaro:

Bentinho Massaro is a different kind of being. You could say he is Extra-Ordinary, having integrated the "extra”, or non-physical levels of his being into his human experience. He calls this True Simultaneity and he claims we can all learn to expand and live in this way.

Since his first profound enlightenment experience at age 14, Bentinho has been riding the waves of an intensely awakened life. He started teaching at age 18 and today, at 29, he is an internationally recognized spiritual teacher and empowerment speaker who holds frequent retreats in major US and European cities. 

On a personal level, he embodies the fully passionate lifestyle that he teaches, including “free-solo” rock-climbing (no ropes) and free-diving to depths over 30 meters on a single breath. Currently he is exploring new roles as entrepreneur, CEO and inventor, adding to previous skills as Reiki master, yogi, and telekinetic. 

Even as a child, growing up in Holland, he had a sense of the unlimited possibilities within human consciousness. As a teenager, frustrated with the “unconscious” behavior of society, he made a commitment to search for the “ultimate answer” and to discover the actual workings of life that would liberate humanity from conflict and suffering.

He began a relentless quest, exploring all kinds of teachers, philosophies, and methods, including studies in India. He stayed with each practice only long enough to digest what was useful to his goal. Eventually exhausted, he realized that all the spiritual “authorities” were no more enlightened than himself, and he made a radical decision: to seek only within his own being, following his own resonance and trusting his intuition without hesitation. There he discovered that the “ultimate answer” was to be found in the presence of Existence itself, in all its infinite potential.