Equine/Canine Training from the Inside Out ~ Connective Energy Re-Balancing & Training Strategies

with Judy Starre

How many times have you looked at your pet and asked, “What are you trying to tell me?” Judy’s life journey has been bridging the gap between pet and owner through thoughtful guidance and communication tools that will empower and inspire.

 This is the spirit of the “Healing Monk”. Communication, understanding, education and inspiration. Today she has taken these life lessons to the next level, believing there is no designation as to who is the teacher and who is the student. We are both of these at all times.

I extend an invitation to you to treat yourself to this incredible, uplifting and empowering energy work session. Expect miraculous solutions to appear and your divine gifts and spiritual growth to emerge.

Learn from connecting through the subtle frequencies and discover what your animal would like you to know. In this session you will identify any resistance or issues in the mental emotional spiritual or physical bodies.

Please bring your animal’s photo to your Introductory Session. Ignite unlimited possibilities from your “horsemanship performance” or “pet partnership”,  including training strategies.

Friday, April 14, 2017

10am-2pm in the Library

Donations Only. 

Info: www.HealingMonkforPeopleAndPets.com or 604-542-2649


About Judy Starre:

Everyone has this ability to read the higher frequencies, it only takes nurturing and openness to attain clarity. My spiritual teachings and training knowledge from both equine and canine worlds, gives me a unique perspective into the healing human-animal bond relationship.

Some of my formal training and experience includes Horse Whispering/Equus body language, Advanced Theta DNA Light Activation Facilitation, Certified Professional Dog Training, Animal Telepathic Communication, TTouch Practitioner and combined skills in guided energy/body work, intuitive body scanning and remote distance healings as Reiki Master.

Her relaxed approach and congenial personality provides for an engaging yet centered atmosphere that will put both person and pet at ease. Sessions with Judy can cover specific concerns or focus on any remedial training for your pet or can be a "guided" session exploring what may reveal itself as the foremost issue.

Please visit the Testimonial Page on my website, www.HealingMonkforPeopleAndPets.com  and enjoy what others have felt and expressed after their “Re-Connective Energy Balancing & Training Strategies” Session.  

“See and experience what is often invisible to others”.