Sedona Paranormal Vortex

Presented by Anita Owens

About Anita Owens

"I was born with all my senses turned completely on..Clairvoyant…Clairaudient…Clairsentient..Telepathic.  I have been very active with several Alien Races and have been a Arcturian contact all of my life, as well as with other races.

 I have been helped and healed all of my life by these races that I have always called  my family.  I have done Psychic readings and  Medical Intuitive readings for past 30 years …..

Today my passion is bringing forth my pictures to usher in a greater awareness of what has never been understood.  Paranormal should not be scary rather it is ENLIGHTENMENT.  I want to teach you how to master your ability to astral travel and connect with your higher dimensional Spirit Guides and develop your innate ability for telepathic contact." 

Info:  513-680-8810, or

Are you ready to discover the unseen world that is all around us all the time? 

Did you know that your Angels and Spirit Guides and Fairies are with you at all times wanting to guide and interact with you and make contact for your own healing?

We are surrounded by higher dimensional beings of light that are here to help raise the consciousness of the planet and us…All of us.  It is time to now understand the unseen beings who are here helping us make a shift into a higher awareness. 

We are meant to be working with these beings to usher in the shift in the collective consciousness to a higher state of being.  To walk among side these beings of light and teach others how to open up their given intuitive ability.  To bring back our telepathic ability that we all once had in order to connect with all the light beings all around us.  Finally all working as one to bring back love and peace to Mother Earth…IT’s TIME!!

You will see ArchAngels…Angels…Spirit Guides…Aliens…Ghost Stargates…wormholes…Fairies…Elves…UFO’s…multi dimensional beings…Light beings and so much more!

Spend 1 hour with me as I explain and make simple the paranormal world.  You will be forever changed, your paradigm will shift just seeing these photos.  We are truly surrounded by loving light beings and I want to teach you how to connect to these loving beings so that you may reclaim your telepathic ability and work with the evolutionary shift happening on this planet right now!! 

Thursday, 6-7pm in the Art Cabin

July 27th

August 10th & 24th

$20.00 at the door