Masters Speak

 Presented by noraWalksInSpirit

Introducing the Power of the Sacred LIGHT Languages spoken in many Tones and Vibrations to empower YOU, Enlighten You, and Activate You . Join noraWalksInSpirit for an Event you won’t want to miss! 

          The Messages and empowering Energies from Infinite Realms and Dimensions Beyond will bring you into a ONENESS Consciousness that will keep you soaring and elevating for the entire weekend.

MASTERS SPEAK will begin with an introduction to the Teachings of Mastery Within on Saturday and follow another full day of “Awakening & Activating” the Pineal –Inner Mind.

 What is happening on our Planet, what are these new Electromagentic Vibrations

 How are these NEW Vibrational Energies affecting our Outer Body Fields?

 How can we stay Elevated and Empowered and not subject to Fear base thought forms that block our new Enlightenment Journeys to our Master Soul?

Teachings and Techniques to TRUE Alignment, Balance and STILLNESS

 LISTEN to the MIND while in STILLNESS then Connect Communicate Activate

These Frequencies of LIGHT Vibrations spoken through the MASTERS will Transmute, Transition and Transform your Mind, Body and Soul then a “Transcending” will JUST BE...

Friday:   7-9pm $20/door

Saturday: 10am-3pm, $150/door

Sunday: 10am-3pm, $150/door

Advance Tickets:  


About noraWalksInSpirit:

noraWalksInSpirit was born of Algonquin Indian Heritage and began studying Shaman practices at an early age. She has been studying and teaching Shaman healing methods for the past 20 years and today her Mission is to Enlighten the world about a deeper level of Oneness. Consciousness. She is the Author of the “Enlightenment Journey” and has created the Ascension Series Program for developing the Body, Mind and Soul into a Crystal LIGHT Soul.   

 "My Teachings and Healings are SPOKEN through the Gift of the Sacred Languages to form a Bridge from the Mind to the Heart and from the Present to the Past or to the Future.  We can create a BRIDGE from One State of Consciousness to the Higher States of Consciousness, while focusing on the clarity of One’s Personal Path of Enlightenment. 

It is here where I quietly seek the Reality to connect to the Immaculate Energies of Mother Earth’s Consciousness and the Divine Intelligence of the Beyond Realms.  By connecting our Consciousness through Stillness and Harmony of our Awakened Minds and Loving Hearts, we may find that FREEDOM within our Soul is ONE Collective Consciousness waiting for ENLIGHTENMENT."

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