Bennett | Stellar University of Integrative Coaching & Life Transformation

“Educating The Mind Without Educating The Heart Is No Education At All” – Aristotle

Our coaching institute and hypnosis school provides a heartfelt, supportive and fun learning environment. The courses are structured in a way to provide you with practical tools in an interactive, entertaining, and resort-style atmosphere that makes learning neurologically easier.

Bennett | Stellar University  is the leader of the new hybrid institutes that maintain all the benefits and credentialing of attending traditional educational institutions, and yet allows for many additional advantages, such as lower tuition rates, condensed course scheduling, and exotic and refreshing learning environments. The choice now exists between attending night after night for months on end in a stark-white, dry classroom, or attending a school that creates a whirlwind of fun and learning at enchanting resorts and spas. Online study for most subjects is also available.

If you’re researching options to become a life or business coach, a hypnotherapist, earn professional CEUs or simply to better yourself, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve been an US government approved and licensed institute since 1996 and offer the credentials, experience and quality you should expect when seeking this knowledge.

Please join us for any or all of the programs presented:

Magical Permanent Allergy Relief  Can your allergies be relieved permanently in about 20 minutes? Join Bennett | Stellar University’s chief instructor Michael Bennett and find out how your allergy started and the psychosomatic nature of allergies. With this simple spiritual and mental process, you can eliminate for yourself and others from most allergies easily, effectively, and comfortably within one session. Bring your tree allergies; skin allergies; pollen allergies; mold allergies; food allergies; pet allergies and leave them at this seminar to be free of them. Thursday, February 2nd = 7-8:30pm  Cost: $35.

The Secrets Of The Naturally Fit And Trim You know those people who are able to eat whatever they want, as much as they want, whenever they want and never gain a pound. This is not a gift from the universe; there is subconscious thought process he or she is using to achieve this. And you can have this too. Join Bennett | Stellar University’s chief instructor Michael A Bennett to learn their secrets. In this seminar, you can learn to restructure your thought processes to choose how to eat to be naturally thin, fit and trim. We guarantee this will be much different than any weight loss program you have attended or experienced. Included In this event is "The New Behavior Generator".  Friday, February 3rd = 7-9pm  Cost: $35. 

The Magic Of Creating Connections Would you like to experience stronger connections with others? How would you like to greatly enhance your communication skills? Would you like to feel confident, competent, and resourceful when resolving conflicts? Would like to be more persuasive with everyone you meet? Come to this seminar and allow Bennett | Stellar University’s chief instructor Michael Bennett teach you the communication secrets of world leaders and of those who can sell ice cubes to Eskimos. Just imagine what you could accomplish in your personal, professional and other social interactions when you’re able to create connections with ease. Could be the most important thing you can ever do. Saturday, February 4th = 9-11am  Cost: $35. 

DreamSculpting® - The Art of Making Your Dreams Come True  Is having a loving relationship just an elusive dream? Or is it too much to ask for an occupation that satisfies your soul, or a body free of complaints? What is the secret of those envied few that embody their heart’s desires? In this seminar you will learn the power of aligning your conscious, subconscious and higher conscious minds and its importance to your achieving your life’s greatest aspirations. Included is how to eliminate self-sabotage and integrate opposing forces in your mind, how to properly form your goals, and the mind-set of creative genius Walt Disney.  Saturday, February 25th = 9am-12:30pm  Cost: $40. 





About Michael A. Bennett, Founder & Chief Instructor:

Michael A Bennett – Born to Teach:  “I have discovered that Michael’s reason for disturbing others is not merely naughtiness. He feels an urgent need to share new found ideas, knowledge, concepts right when he learns them.”  - Mrs. Johnson, Michael’s 2nd grade teacher. Source: School report card.

Today, Michael Bennett is the chief instructor at Bennett/Stellar University. Michael is known for his captivating and ebullient style of teaching, continuing his lessons right up until the last allotted second. He has always found joy in discovering and sharing new ideas, a trait that permeates the aura that surrounds him in anything that he does.

As a prominent authority, having logged more than 20,000 hours of professional presentations over his 30-year career on both the National and International stage, Michael’s students think of him as the master of masters, the mentor of mentors, and an engaging highly-skilled instructor that makes learning both enjoyable and profound.

Michael is highly regarded within the NLP, Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy communities, netting a commendation from Richard Bandler himself, the developer of NLP, “I highly recommend Michael Bennett of Bennett/Stellar University. He is continually updating his training with the most up-to-date skills I have developed and is one of the few centers licensed internationally through the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.”  -  Richard Bandler Developer of NLP

"Michael Bennett is like an enlightened angel who speaks with intuitive grace and imparts wisdom in a way that’s just damn fun!”  - Sandra Paulini, Tokyo, Japan 


Sandra Vesterstein - Chief Instructor And Master Coach

Since 1985, Sandra has drawn from her B.A.S. degree in Community Health Education — as well as world-class training in Life Coaching, Reiki, and Hypnotherapy — to put her students and her clients on the fast track to happiness and success.

"As an instructor for Bennett | Stellar University, and the founder of Women-N-Spirit Retreats, I’ve leveraged the gifts of several effective coaching and therapeutic methods for you. In our session(s) and my in seminars you will overcome limiting beliefs and behaviors that have kept you from stepping into the best version of yourself. My experience and unique suite of holistic methods accelerates personal and professional growth more rapidly than traditional coaching and hypnotherapy. Together, we can remap your mind for success so you can lead a fuller, more prosperous and satisfying life!"

“Sandra, I don’t know if you remember me. I brought my daughter to you a couple of years ago. She was suffering from PTSD and depression and had been for several years. She had witnessed a terrible accident if front of the house. She saw you for 3 or 4 visits and was an entirely new person! What you did for her saved her life! She is like the young girl I remember her to be before that terrible day! I never managed to take the time to thank you for that and I should have. Thank you!.”  - S.C.