Intuitive Mothers Retreat

Presented by Tamara Heims

Intuitive Mothers Unite.  Come join other Intuitive  Mothers and finally meet one another in person. We have so much planned for all of you.  Tamara will be offering guidance, teaching and sacred gifts for all who join. 

Discuss deep conversations that touch your mind, body and spirit.  Let us laugh, dance, exude joy for this wonderful retreat.   

Don’t  miss Guest Speakers, Healings, Meditations, High Vibration, Essential Oils, New Connections, Organic Food , Peaceful Environment and Special Gift.

April 28-29, 2017 

Friday-Saturday from 9am-4:30pm

Cost:  $444.00

Catered lunch from Chocola Tree included.


Space limited to 20 people


“Thank you Tamara  for always sharing yourself in a way that opens me up to new insights and possibilities. I especially appreciate the sacred loving space that you have created for all of us at Intuitive Mothers. I can feel the love and acceptance of this holy group sharing so much about life on this planet and especially about learning from each other and our children as we open up to a life vision that is wise, compassionate, loving and nurturing to ourselves others and Mother Earth. Even on the days when I am not interactive with the beautiful souls in the group, I still visit the site and find inspiration and support there as an observer. So much gratitude and love! Blessings.”  Beth Grimes, California

"Tamara Heims has been a huge catalyst with shifting my life towards a higher vibration. She came into my universe when I was blocking my own success. She gave me the insight and tools through her angel card readings to become more aware of my 5th sense and intuition. She literally “opened” my eyes to my soul and how to clear away the baggage that was cluttering me mentally and physically. Tamara is gentle, loving and direct. She truly has a passion for helping others achieve their purpose here on earth. Tamara is an angel and every time she is in my presence, it’s a gift. Thank you Tamara for everything you’ve done and continue to do for me."   Karyn Hendricksen, MS,  Arizona 


“Having Tamara in my life has been incredibly instrumental as I’ve tried to understand my spiritual awakening. I initially struggled with a significant amount of doubt and fear and Tamara not only provides much needed support, she also offers insight and clarity. There are no accidents…I know it was intended that Tamara be in my life during this very important time and if you’re wondering about spirituality and/or spiritual awakening and you’ve found this page….it may be that she’s supposed to be in your life as well!”   Dr. Isela Garcia, Arizona

“Tamara’s intuitive gifts are powerful and amazing! But what makes the experience with connecting to her more profound and effective is her authentic openess, warmth, heart-centered compassion, and genuine desire to support and to offer help. I would not hesitate to recommend Tamara’s services to anyone!”  Dr. Janice Carlin, Florida

About Tamara Heims:

"In 2009 I had a Spiritual Awakening experience that happened to me in the middle of the night. It was as if someone turned on all the lights and electricity to the highest volume in my home. It took me three months to even leave my home, let alone begin to understand what had happened. This Awakening unlocked abilities that I had no idea was even within me. I started the Intuitive Mothers group to create a safe space for spiritually focused women to connect with each other. Today I help and support other people who are having these same experiences." ~Tamara


Tamara holds a B.A. and M.Ed. degrees in Elementary Education; and is a Certified Angel Card Reader clairvoyant who works with the angelic realm. 

Currently, Tamara is teaching and public speaking on a variety of spiritual topics.  She also offers coaching sessions and intuitive readings as a service of support to those who have had a shift in their lives and are having metaphysical type experiences. Tamara is a warm, gentle and inspiring teacher.

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