Spiritual Heart & Abundance:  Awaken Naturally & Blend2day  

Presented by Lisa Marie and Lu Casillas

Learn how to deeply connect and be an anchor of the new Divine Golden Age. 

You will be introduced to new transmissions on how to expand your knowledge and learn to "be" the new golden energy field.

You will be able to release deep traumas with the golden energies that are here,  this will  raise your frequency and be a catalyst of abundance. 

I invite you to commit a deep essential act of self-forgiveness to reclaim your power. 

Learn to bless your story with deep compassion and reclaim your divinity and which you have never lost. 

Lu's passion for a safe financial future came out of a tremendous loss from fraud.

As a Certified DREAM COACH® she also leads individuals to achieve their goals & dreams. 

Topics will include:

  • The key to success is ABUNDANCE in all areas of your life!
  • How do we create balance in our lives.
  • Target that Dream
  • Why knowledge is the new money & creating a safe money method
  • Creating business growth through networking.
  • To your empowerment, expansion and healing.

 April 8, 2017

Saturday from 10:30am-1:30pm

Suggested donation:  $35.

Info/Reg:  Lisa Marie - 928-853-2673 or email - awakennaturally@gmail.com

  http://www.awakennaturally.com and http://www.blend2day.com