Tom Bird Method Workshop: Writing In The Divine Author State

Free Event

Many are drawn to the art form of writing to allow healing, transformation and the release of their divine potential. 

During this two-and-a-half-hour complimentary workshop, you write with Tom using his most successful technique, the innate and natural Divine Author Within space.

You also receive a special gift of the same subliminal tracks played nonstop at Tom Bird Method Retreats, these audio downloads have led tens of thousands to overcome their dreaded writer’s block, and reconnect to the inspiration that is their book.

This FREE event will be given on three different dates in 2017, please join us for one of them...

January 26th,

March 22nd

 September 20th 

6-8:30pm in the Sedona Room

 Tom’s class is open to all writers.  

Registration is necessary,