The Spiritual Breath

Introduced by John of the Holy Breath

John of the Holy Breath will introduce you to this New Age revelation.

On the physical level, if you meditate using the keys of the Spiritual Breath, your rate of respiration will permanently decrease from ~15 to ~2 breaths per minute. You will live longer, healthier and happier.

On the spiritual level you will find that you become the risen Christ (your true self). The good news is that this is a very fast path to enlightenment. The work of the practice is sacrificing the ego in each Spiritual Breath. If you would allow God to breathe you, you must do the doing that allows the allowing. 


Saturday, February 18th

Saturday, March 11th

7-8pm in the Art Cabin

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What is the Spiritual Breath?

The Holy Breath Institute teaches that if we learn to receive our breath rather than take it, we can institute a new, spiritual pattern of breathing. This new pattern is a direct path to awakening to the Holy Spirit. The great good news is that it is a physical feedback system. The body is the church. The spiritual breath is the key to transformation.

What do you mean that it is scientific?

The spiritual breath can be subjected to rational scientific testing. In other words, if A, then B. If a breath is wholly and truely received, then a new breath (with an unknowable pattern) occurs. The new pattern is permanent. This virtuous cycle defines and quickens the direct route to the risen Christ.

What is the value?

The great good news of the Spiritual Breath is that spiritual progress is now linked with physical progress. It is as if the Holy Spirit holds a ball of string for each person, and all each of us must do is grab on to the string and follow it home, inch by inch. The pattern of the Spiritual Breath manifests physically, and just like gradual movement along the string, spiritual progress can be felt and measured. This was not possible until now—the revelation of Spiritual Breathing is a dispensational gift from the Holy Spirit.


Our modern definition of prophecy—foreknowledge of future events—is a corruption of the ancient meaning of the prophetic message. Rather, prophecy should be understood to mean the uncovering or revelation of a religious message often with manifestation.

In this sense, John of the Holy Breath's prophetic message is apocalyptic—an unveiling of something hidden—a direct path to the awakened Christ consciousness that until now has been hidden. His prophecy is also the act of manifestating—above all, prophecy is action—the New Jerusalem.

John of the Holy Breath did not invent the Spiritual Breath, it was revealed to him by the Holy Spirit. He did not first say it is “the scientific path to manifesting the Son of Man—the risen Christ," the Holy Spirit did.

This is the age of the Holy Spirit. The Spiritual Breath exalts the Holy Spirit and testifies for the Christ.

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About John of the Holy Breath

John of the Holy Breath was ordained over 40 years ago in the order of the Melchizedek (Gen. 14:18-20) priesthood on May 18, 1975. The ministerial blessing was given in spirit by Meshach (Daniel 3:12‒30). The core of the ordination blessing is as follows:

"Upon this consciousness all creation is manifesting. Therefore disregard counsel of your mind and your emotions, move to that which is your own spiritual flow, and you will find that the Prophets of Old have never been from this planet. But indeed it has slept in this one for a short time. Once again the Prophetic message is being placed."

After the ordination, John was NOT gifted with prophetic vision, intuition or pronouncements. For many times and years, he felt cut off from his ministry, unable to see the role of the Holy Spirit in his life or comprehend how he was to manifest a prophetic ministry let alone be a "Prophet of Old."

In fact, though, within a very short time the core subject of John's prophetic ministry—breathing—appeared. He began a 40-year investigation into how we breathe and its connection with spiritual awakening. About 10 years into this asiduous effort he had an experience that instantly changed his approach to breathing, and its relationship to spiritual awakening. It would take 30 more years of daily investigation and practice to prove the approach.