Synergy: Universal Hearts and Minds Self Empowered Wisdom

Spring Equinox.  The heart knows. 

Join us and claim the highest expression of yourself by implementing the principles of relationship heart wisdom.  We will be sharing and exploring research-based information on how to transcend old relationship patterns with yourself, others, your community and the world! 

Gregg Braden & Heart Math CEO, Dr. Deborah Rozman.  Also featuring Kelley Alexander JD, Jorge Luis Delgado, David Router, Dr. Melaney Sreenan and Dr. Theresa Ramsey. Concert with Martha Reich Braden, Sunny Dawn Johnston and Kris Voelker!

Self Empowered Wisdom, the inner voice not in words but in the wordless language of the heart and soul.

Thursay, March 16th:  

     Opening Ceremony,

Friday night March 17th

      Opening Keynote, followed by Gregg Braden!

Pre retreat seminars on Thursday and Friday  

Saturday March 18th:

      Opening ~ Dr. Theresa Ramsey, Harmonizing Within for Greater Wellbeing.  Love heals.  This guided meditation will allow you to discover ways to unlock the limitations of your health and to open into greater states of ease.  

An interactive week end , each of  you and seminar presenters in a 2 hour "unplugged" question and answer forum , moderated by Gregg Braden.  

Followed by an afternoon with Heart Math CEO , Dr. Deborah Rozman.

Sunday March 19th:

      Full day with Gregg Braden and special guest, Dr. Melaney Sreenan,  leading coach for Dr. Joe Dispenza

Monday, March 20th:

Post retreat full day with Jorge Luis Delgado, including evening Equinox Ceremony.

See our web site for detailed information and registration: