Dancing with Angels with Ann Albers,

 With her Heavenly Helpers

Ann Albers has guided hundreds of individuals to easily connect and live in partnership with their angels!  Come have fun while learning to channel angels, live with angels, and be the angels on earth that you truly are. Beyond communicating with angels, you will also learn to truly partner with them as they guide you to live your best life. Everyone can do this. No special skills are required.  Ann has had people channeling in less than two hours in the past. You can too!

Additionally you will learn to give each other angelic energy attunements & healings so you can help yourself and others open up to feel the love of God more strongly in your hearts and in your lives. The angels will also assist you in helping each other open up the psychic centers so you can tune in more easily. 

We’ll play with angels, fairies, whales, and open up to communicate with any aspect of life you wish to connect with!

Ann is thrilled to be accompanied by highly acclaimed musician, Robin Miller, whose music is truly from the heavens. Dannion Brinkley, near death survivor an author of "Saved by the Light" once said, "Robin's music is the closest to what I heard in my near death experience."  Robin's music facilitates the angelic connection by opening the heart and soul to the other realms.

For those of you who have been to Ann's seminars in the past, you know heaven and earth collide, head and heart are bridged, and the class might be changed at any time based on angelic input!  Each playshop is a true dance with heaven, created dynamically, and somehow inexplicably tailored for those who attend.  

Ann often works one on one with attendees to help everyone integrate the concepts. There are many exercises to help you practice and move past blockages, and the humor that comes through will have you laughing yourself silly at times.

Fun, inspiring, educational, and definitely an upper, these playshops are heart-opening, mind-expanding, and just good plain fun!  Come Dance with the Angels and you may just want to keep it up for the rest of your life!  Your heavenly helpers are waiting!

Saturday,  September 23, 2017

 10am - 4pm.

Cost: $75

Doors open at 9:30am.

There will be a break for lunch on your own.

For information & Registration visit:   www.VisionsOfHeaven.com

Send checks payable to:  Ann Albers - PMB #110,  4757 E. Greenway Rd., #107B,  Phoenix, AZ 85032

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Her mystical training involved apprenticing to a traditional Reiki master and mystic who taught her how the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual energies affect your everyday life.  She has since trained under shamans, mystics, channels, mediums, and a variety of other spiritual teachers.  Her constant mentors, she says, are the angels that work with her during her readings for others and guide her in her own life.

Ann resides in Phoenix, Arizona where she enjoys not only the heavenly realms but also the beauty of nature, hiking, photography, and a host of other creative pursuits.

Learn more about Ann's work at:  www.VisionsOfHeaven.com

Ann Albers & Robin Miller with some of the world's most reknowned spiritual authors at the "Celebrate Your Life" conference in Phoenix, AZ

Participants in previous seminars said:

"Thanks again for the Dancing with Angels Seminar. Can’t wait to go to the one in the fall!!!!"

"I attended your workshop in Sedona and was blown away. It was great, thank you so much!! "

"I cannot thank you enough for the life-altering workship in which you presented over the weekend in Sedona... realized how powerful and truly loved we really are! Miracles can really be apart of our daily lives!” 

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for an amazing class Saturday. You are an exceptional speaker. It was incredible, the energy in the room and the information that was shared by you and everyone else. I feel that I left there with so much love and insight.” 

"Just wanted to let you know how much we loved the workshop! You are an amazing speaker and held us in your "spell" throughout the day. The energy in the room was amazing — particularly at the end when we all hugged our new friends - both human and spirit!"

“What a wonderful day we had !!" 

“I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to meet you yesterday at your "Dancing With Angels" I loved the workshop!"

"The "Dancing with Angels" workshop this past weekend was truly wonderful "

"I want to again say “Thank You” for your wonderful Playshoppe Saturday! It was great on so many levels.”

Robin Miller

Ann is thrilled to be accompanied by highly acclaimed New Age Musician, Robin Miller, who toured with Sylvia Brown, worked with James Van Praagh and whose music Dannion Brinkley once described as “the closest thing to what I heard in my near death experience.”

Robin's work spans over three decades and is channeled directly from the angelic realms.  He enters the recording studio with complete faith and allows the angels to work through him as he creates new music.  As a result, his melodies capture the love and healing energy of the heavens and have the capacity to touch and open hearts of his listeners to the frequencies of the angelic realms.  In addition to keyboards, Robin is also proficient on drums, guitar, and mandolin played as you have never heard it before!

Robin lives in Sedona, Arizona where he performs locally and continues to stretch his musical gifts to new heights.  

Learn more about Robin's music at:  www.robinmillermusic.com.

Ann Albers

Ann Albers is a popular author, lecturer, angel communicator, medium, and spiritual instructor.  She graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a BS in Electrical Engineering and worked 8 years in the avionics industry before a series of dreams, visions, and "coincidences" motivated her to pursue her spiritual calling.

She is now the author of several books and CDs, a powerful spiritual instructor, and a modern mystic who delights in distilling ancient wisdom into practical, down-to-earth tools for everyday living.  Her wisdom, humor, dynamic energy, and captivating down-to-earth style has motivated and inspired audiences for over 15 years.

Ann's weekly newsletter, "Messages from Ann & the Angels", reaches an international community of thousands of individuals who are dedicated to experiencing and expanding their capacity to share Divine love.  Ann has spoken at conferences featuring some of the foremost spiritual authors of our time, been a guest on international radio shows such as Coast to Coast AM, and her work has been featured in various magazines, ezines, and internet radio programs. Her latest endeavor is a weekly internet TV Series, “Ann & the Angels” which reaches audiences world wide, teaching people to live in partnership with their angels.